The SPARK 20 series, the powerful master of entertainment, was launched today.

Spark 20 series The new smartphone model The master of the entertainment era from Tecno Mobile has been officially launched via TikTok Store – Tecno Mobile TH channel on January 28, 2024 at a special price that everyone can easily own. There are 3 models available for sale at the same time: Spark 20 Pro The top model in the series in the 5,000 baht price range, followed closely by the SPARK 20, a mid-range model in the 4,000 baht price range and the SPARK 20C in the 3,000 baht price range, features a beautiful, modern design. Packed with many great functions answers to every lifestyle and use in a comprehensive manner.

Spark 20 Pro Big screen, big RAM is satisfying.

Let's start at the top. Spark 20 Pro It is the first Thai smartphone in the 5,000 baht price range that offers up to 21GB of RAM, suitable for heavy mobile phone users. Supports playing games, watching movies, listening to music and working with the powerful high-level MediaTek G99 chipset, very quickly. And a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Enjoy realistic images and sound on a large 6.8-inch screen with a 108MP rear camera and a 32MP front camera. There are two specifications to choose from:

  • Spark 20 Pro Launch price of the 21+256 TikTok model is 5,399 baht (from the regular price of 5,999 baht)
  • Spark 20 Pro The 16+256 goes on sale in February 2024.

SPARK 20 has powerful specifications, more than worth the price, unlocking all means of entertainment.

As for the SPARK 20, it is considered the best value model in the 4,000 baht price range because in addition to the large 6.6-inch screen, the specifications are also stronger than the price, including up to 16+ RAM/ROM. 256GB Powered by the power of the chipset, the MediaTek G85 has a 90Hz refresh rate, making the picture smoother than before. It also has dual DTS Hi-Res speakers that produce clear sound. Enjoy watching movies and listening to music to the fullest. Satisfy selfie lovers with the 32MP HD front camera, and from any angle, you'll be absolutely beautiful from every angle. Sales start in February 2024.

The SPARK 20C has full functionality at a great price. Take beautiful photos and have fun using social media.

The SPARK 20C is the only model that is priced in the early 3,000 baht range, which is quite cheap compared to specifications that are not inferior to other models in the same series. Suitable for people who are looking for a good mobile phone. Get one on a budget for seniors to use or it's your child's first mobile phone See this low price but with full features and functionality. It meets the needs of daily use plus the screen size has not decreased at all. It still measures 6.6 inches as before, and is loved by social media users. Switch between apps seamlessly without any lag with 8GB RAM + 256GB RAM with 90Hz refresh rate. It comes with dual DTS stereo speakers and a 50MP rear camera that captures image details well and bright, sharp colors. Start selling in February 2024.

You can own it today! SPARK 20 Series, Best Price Only on TikTok Shop – Tecno Mobile TH can pursue special promotions. And other news, more information via Facebook – Tecno Mobile Thailand

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