The second-grader's daughter displays the gifts her classmates gave her. Dad was shocked when he found out the price. Hurry and take it back!

The second-grader's daughter displays the gifts her classmates gave her. My father saw this and was amazed. He quickly asked him to take it back, revealing that the price was the same as the car.

Young children still do not understand much about money. They cannot distinguish between items of high value, which is why there are so many funny situations. This is because children often donate expensive family items to others.

A father in Anhui Province, China recalls that one afternoon while picking up his second-grade daughter from school, he was shocked when his daughter showed her a gift given to her by one of her classmates.

While he was taking his daughter to the car to return home, her daughter, who was studying in the second grade, was carrying her school bag, suddenly said: “Dad, I have a gift to show you,” before opening the backpack. He took out a small golden statue from inside his bag. Then show me that.

The father was surprised by the piece his daughter had just shown him and asked, “Who gave it to you?” The daughter said that one of the boys in her class had given it to her. The father stared at the statue for a long time. His hand began to shake as he guessed its value: “My daughter, hurry and return her to my friend.”

But the daughter expressed her dissatisfaction and asked to return the gift. She intended not to return the friend, and this made her father more afraid. Before jokingly telling his daughter: “Oh, that's so scary. Remember, I'm not your father anymore.”

From this father's confirmation, he considered the gift a symbol of a luxury car and made of real gold. It is estimated to be worth between 240 to 300 thousand yuan (about 1.2 to 1.5 million baht), and with a statue worth as much as a car, this is certainly the logo of a famous car company worth millions.

My daughter's classmate probably didn't know the true value of this statue. And he just wanted to give a nice gift to his classmates. That's why my dad has such a funny attitude.

Of course, the father said that he couldn't let his daughter have such an expensive thing. He will take her to meet friends and family to return her.

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