The Sandman was sabotaged by author Neil Gaiman, and he admits – Deadline

Neil Gaiman He has a confession. He played a major role in the killing of a film adapted from his classic graphic novel series, hypnotic.

in rolling rock In an interview, Gaiman said he leaked a script to the media for what he believes is a poor effort to deliver hypnotic to photograph.

“I sent the text to Isn’t that great newsthat people read at the time. “And I thought, I wonder what Isn’t that great news They will think about the text they will receive anonymously. And they wrote a great article about how it was the worst text ever sent to them. Suddenly, the possibility of that movie was gone.”

Jon Peters was working on the script.

“It was the worst text I’ve ever read,” Gaiman said. “A guy in John Peters’ office called me and said, ‘So Neil, did you have a chance to read the text we sent you? And I said, Well, yeah. Yes I did. I didn’t read it all, but I read enough. He says, ‘Okay, okay.’ Huh?’ And I said, Well, no. It really isn’t. He said: Ah, come on. There must have been things she liked there. I said: There was nothing I liked. There was nothing I liked. It was the worst text I’ve ever read. It’s not just a Sandman worst-case scenario. This was the worst text ever sent.”

Several other versions of hypnotic Died before production. The rights were then sold to Netflix, which debuted online earlier this month.

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