The sale of kimchi was ordered to stop after thousands of teachers and students in Namwon fell ill with food poisoning due to the norovirus.

Namwon City, South Korea, South Korea's KBS NEWS reported that more than 1,024 cases of diarrhea and food poisoning have been found in Namwon City. Most of the patients are students. In elementary, middle and high schools in Namwon City, there were 24 schools that found the same symptoms as the cause. Norovirus in Kimchi which are usually sold to these schools.

BBC News reported that several cases have been reported in South Korea. Which is linked to the consumption of kimchi contaminated with norovirus. The report also states that on Friday morning (July 5), officials in the city of Namwon in the southwestern part of the country were arrested and announced that there were 996 confirmed cases, according to online reports. It said the number of patients had risen to 1,024 on Saturday morning.

Local media reported that the contaminated kimchi was distributed through school lunches in the city. Students and staff from 24 schools were reported to be among those suffering from symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

norovirus It is a highly contagious disease. It can be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces and from people who are already infected. Although norovirus infection generally resolves on its own and goes away within a few days, it can cause discomfort and complications. Especially among vulnerable populations

Viruses can also cause dehydration. Electrolyte imbalance, severe gastroenteritis and other stomach infections Namwon city officials launched an epidemiological investigation on Wednesday. After reporting the first case the day before. The number of cases rose sharply from 153 on Wednesday to 745 on Thursday.

Local media reported that city officials reported finding norovirus in patients. Environmental example and some kimchi that is regularly delivered to schools As a result, the Disaster and Safety Administration was forced to temporarily stop the production and sale of any products. From a company that produces kimchi

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