The Red Devils invade the businessman’s nest! An overview of the picture and general situation of the English Premier League, Week 11

A continuous blast of fun look at the football match program and situation Matches of the eleventh week of the English Premier League That will go to war this week

English Premier League 2023/24 He will take to the football field for the 11th time this weekend. There are many interesting programs. Whether it’s a game “Red Devils” Manchester United You must conquer and visit “The Little Pole” Fulham IncludedbattleOf dignity “London derby match” Among the leading teams such as “Golden Spurs” Tottenham Hotspur with Chelsea “Blue Lions”.

So, let’s take a look at the schedule for the upcoming match. Ready to consider the situation in the Premier League battle together. Will each team face a difficult or easy task and how likely is it to win this week?

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Monday night, November 6, 2023

For this weekend’s Premier League battle there will be a total of 10 pairs competing across 10 courts, with 7 pairs having full fun on Saturday, followed by a pair of games on Sunday, and ending with another pair of late night games on Monday night.

Let’s start with the first game in the early hours of Saturday at 7:30 p.m. “Red Devils” Manchester United Who had just been attacked by neighbors like Blue Sails and lost 3-0 at home, leaving them stalled on 15 points, eighth in the table, and had a waiting list for the conquest to visit. “The Little Pole” Fulham The 14th ranked team performed quite satisfactorily in the last match. After drawing 1-1 with Al-Nawras and achieving 12 points, will Erik ten Hag be able in this match to regain the confidence of the Red Devils’ followers? You’ll have to wait and see together.

Then at 10:00pm there will be 5 competitive matches, but the highlight will likely be the former champion team. “Blues” Manchester City Who completely crushed the neighboring team, resulting in 24 points, to finish third in the table, will have to return to open their stadium to welcome the visit. “Cherry” Bournemouth Who just achieved victory in the league match this season for the first time, and when the host team beat Burnley 2-1 in the last match after losing 4 consecutive matches, his score rose to 6 points, successfully moving out of the red zone to 17th place, but after looking at this match It must be a very dangerous mission. For them to storm Etihad Stadium.

Then at 12:30 a.m., there was still the last game of the day. This is very interesting. Arsenal’s “Cannon”. The team that ranks second among the crowd is in hot water. When the home team defeated Sheffield United 5-0 in the last match, resulting in 24 points, this week they will have a more difficult task than before. When there is a program you must go out and visit St James’ Park. “Salika Dong” Newcastle United “Who just drew with Wolves 2-2 in the previous match, resulting in 17 points, and sixth place in the table. But in the end, will Mikel Arteta’s side continue to show their good form or not? The Gooners can’t miss.

While there will be two competitive matches on Sunday, the match that football fans should focus on will likely be at 11:30 p.m. “The Reds” Liverpool The team in fourth place in the table, which has just opened its home match and beat Forest 3-0 with 23 points, still faces a task that is not difficult. When you go to visit “The Hatters” Luton Town The team occupies 18th place with only 5 points after losing to Seng Fong 1-3 in the last match, and in this match Jurgen Klopp’s team may have no other choice. In addition to having to exit and get 3 points, you can only return to one place. If you are hoping to continue to stay at the top of the table.

The last match ends on Monday evening at 3:00 am, which is considered the biggest match of the week with the battle. “London derby match” By the team leader such as “Golden Spurs” Tottenham Hotspur Who proceeded to winbattleKarama, coming in a row for two consecutive matches, the last match is to conquer Prasat Ruencao 2-1, achieving 26 points, two points ahead of Arsenal and the Blues, will return to open their stadium to welcome the visit Chelsea “Blue Lions”. Who just turned around and lost to Destroyer Bees at home by 0-2, so they are still stuck on 12 points, 11th in the table, and this match is believed to beBoth teams mustFight likeVery enjoyable, howeverIn the end, which team will win the loudest votes from the fans? You must come and answer together.

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