The real owner of the song Forget Hood Zip didn't have a job until he went to serve Moo Krata, Ann Ordee did a new cover until it became a hit.

Meet the real Randy Isan, the creator of the famous song Forget the Hood Zip, after Ann Ordee did a new cover of it and it became a huge hit. I didn't have a job until I became a gas station boy serving barbecue pork.

The song is very popular and popular throughout the city. Win the hearts of social media users No one knows this moment. “I forgot to zip up my hood.” Which comes with a golden phrase “Dress like a man. Bandaraju character” After the famous country singer Moore Lam Anne Orde I picked it up and sang it again until it went viral on the internet. But few people know that this famous song is the real owner of the song Randy Esan The former childhood singer who sang when she was 11 years old

In this event, he returned to the past and opened his heart through the program. No Mam table She talks to host No Mam Surieva about her very difficult life before she became successful again, she was unemployed and did not have a job. He had to swerve to work at the pump. Including being a waiter at a pork restaurant.

Many people don't know that the real owner of the song, Randy Esan, sang it when he was 11 years old?

“There was a lot of drama about whether we were truly indigenous or not. Because a lot of people might not have been born before us. This song was playing when we were kids. He remembers more about the photo that P'Ann Ordee took of him singing. That time I sang it when “I was 11 years old.”

Have you talked to Anne Orde, who sang it until she became famous?

“Well, I met Pan. I went to see a concert. We already know each other. He sang it again and did dance moves too. I feel happy that the song is popular again. Before, when I talked to Anne, he said he would sing her song again.” Another one, we talked about it and we talked at the event, and I was shocked that he actually sang it until I stopped. So people thought it was really a P'Ann song, and when P'Ann went to write new music to make it more fun than before. Randy was a different kind of guy when he was a kid.

Going back to that time when you released an album, what was it like?

“I don't remember anymore. But it's probably in the millions. Popularity in the Northeast Region Back to childhood I'm a person who loved singing a lot and then I met my adoptive parents and they are my friends. So he took me to meet Achan Bao Sathaporn, who I loved to sing and was always in the competition field.”

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When did you start singing in competitions?

“I was about 9 years old. I entered a singing competition, but I did not sing any of Issa’s songs. At the time, it was mostly a real country singing competition. Then there will be songs composed by His Majesty the King, which will be included among the set songs. Then there is an award that I am proud of. It was a royal award from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and was a competition for the song “Klay Rong” written by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. “I am very proud of the win.”

Can one song make you reborn?

“I'm very happy to be back doing what I love. I worked every day until I got used to it. I don't know what the flow is like. I don't know where it came from but I try to do my best every day. In the past, I didn't take much time off from work , I write show songs, and I had a job to do every day. Now I am a follower of Salapao music. It is a big ten-wheeled show car that goes to various events, and when the music goes up people come looking for me. Looking to see if this is the original? He started “The host is asking for more. Our solo parties are starting to take off.”

Previously, life was subject to storms and accidents, causing no action at all?

“During that period I did everything. Let's do a moolam race with my father A. Rhetorical grammar: I went to ask for a job and I went to live with him for 3 years, and I must say that my life is more than just a drama. Before returning to work I go to work at the gas station. I At Givi, I organize things in the store. What's more difficult is that I also went to work as a waiter at Moo Krata restaurant. People don't remember who we are. But fortunately I was able to sing too. When the singer didn't come, I went to sing instead. At that time “I admit, I was tired and frustrated in many ways, and I really wanted to grab the microphone. But I'm not ashamed of working like that. I think not working is even more embarrassing.”

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