The President of Ukraine has called for modern weapons

On Monday, Ukrainian President Zhelensky urged the West to send “modern” weapons to deal with Russian troops. “The Battle of Donbass will certainly be one of the most violent wars in military history in Europe,” he said.

The human cost of the city of Chevrodonetsk is “very high, for us. It is very terrifying,” Volodymyr Zhelensky said in his daily speech on Monday evening. When kyiv reported that 100 to 300 people were killed every day, he stressed the need to obtain these weapons.

“Only modern artillery will ensure our well-being,” the 44-year-old president said, adding that he believed in his military’s ability to “liberate territory”, including Mariupol and Crimea. “We need enough weapons to ensure all of this. Our allies have them,” he said.

Wednesday meeting in Brussels

The appeal comes at a time when the Allies are already supplying ammunition, spare parts and light weapons to kyiv, and a liaison committee for Ukraine, formed by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, is scheduled to meet in Brussels on Wednesday.

Ukraine, which has settled its Russian and Soviet weapons, now relies solely on foreign-supplied weapons, including Western artillery, according to US experts.

Washington first began to hand over to Ukraine heavy equipment such as howitzers and howitzers, and later advanced equipment, such as the Himmers rocket launchers, and high-precision artillery pieces beyond the range of the Russian military.

Ukrainian forces admitted on Monday that they had abandoned the center of Severdonetsk, following a new Russian offensive against this important city in eastern Ukraine, where the two fighters have been fighting for weeks.

War for the South

The conquest of this city would give control of the Lukansk region to Moscow and pave the way for another large city, the Grotorsk, the capital of neighboring Donetsk, an essential step in capturing the entire Donbass Basin. Russian-backed separatists since 2014.

From Monday to Tuesday night, fighting intensified with aerial wars and Russian helicopter strikes in southern Ukraine, as well as Russian helicopter strikes on Ukrainian positions in Mykolyv and Kerson, according to a recent report by the Ukrainian Troops Command in the south of the country.

The AFP group noted that Russian progress in the main port of Mikolaiv on the Dnieper Facade had been halted on the outskirts of the city and that the Ukrainian army had dug trenches there.

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