The Pope reveals the reason for his long absence. He returned to play the role of the twin, but I do not accept that anymore.

He has been out of the media for too long since Covid hit for the lead actor Pope Thanawat I recently met the Pope who came to worship in the Channel 3 drama Phrom Likhit Nong Khaem, so I got an update on where he was missing. What the young hero said: I did not go anywhere, but rather stayed at home exercising, doing hobbies, and resting, because while filming the movie From Discount I had to use my body a lot, and I went to the filming site to play 3 roles and reveal that I was actually afraid of the role of the twin characters. To the point of saying that if anyone approached me I would never accept the role of a twin again.

Where did you go?

“I haven’t gone anywhere. We’re home. We continue to do our hobbies. They live a normal life.”

Or do we intend to not publish any events at all?

“I didn’t mean to. But during Covid and after it came, we didn’t have a lot of work. There were some connections. But sometimes the work might not suit us. So I didn’t receive it.”

what are you doing at home?

“I will exercise and take care of the house. Make it a little personal and then, as fate would have it, it just shut down. I always take pictures of my fate. After I turned off the camera, I stayed at home, traveled a little, spent time with my family, exercised, played Golf, and I gave myself some time. (Is this considered a break?)

But is it considered that this drama worked hard too?

“Very difficult and tiring. I think this drama has been there since I started working. I work harder because it is tiring in body and mind. Because there are many characters and the work in it is difficult.

It’s the time every photo is taken. Shooting after shooting is a lot of work, so when I have time off I feel good because I get to rest. The work must be detailed. Otherwise the twins will not come out smoothly. There will be no characters, you will play 3 characters, you will play as Pee Muen in the first part. And two other children, Grid and Rueang, have 3 personalities, but it’s difficult because the three personalities are similar.

Like some types of twins, one person is evil and the other is good, but in this case, the father of three children are all good people. He is a person with good ideas. What needs to be done differently? “In the slight differences between the three characters, the tone of voice must also change, and the system of thought or even the idea of ​​entering the scene must differ.”

Confused about gameplay?

“But when you actually play, it’s not so confusing. It’s just that I like it and I don’t like it, I don’t like this one. But I’m for this one. But there’s no confusion, we’re in business 100%, and we have to be very Focus. Because it’s important at work (Are you going to play the twins again?) It’s hard, I won’t play them again, I’m telling you I won’t play the twins again.

Would you like to consult Bella because he also plays 3 characters?

“I didn’t consult. It’s like we’re artists. We have our own way. We understand the work that way. Because I don’t consult actors much. If we work together, it means just interacting with it seriously.”

Will you take on the role of the twins in the final film?

“Definitely the last thing. Twin 2 is also not playing (laughs). Let’s look back and see.” (He said playing the twin would be a challenge?) Well, I played it, it was a challenge. I will see if I can succeed or not. Let the viewer decide.”

From now on the trend should definitely come?

“I didn’t think at all. And I didn’t think that the future would be famous or I would succeed or I wouldn’t succeed. I’m just doing it in the present. At that time, in Buffy and she was very famous at that time. I didn’t think either. It was completely unexpected.” “

What do you want to say to the fans who are still waiting?

“I have to thank him. But I haven’t been able to see him much. “I think it has more to do with missing each other than not seeing each other for a long time. Wanting to see us, wanting to see our work.”

How do you communicate with your audience when we are not in front of the media?

“I didn’t communicate at all.”

Is it demanding? Give us an update?

“I’ve always heard the news. But we are who we are, and we try when we meet him. Or when we meet at work or something. We try to take care of her. And make as good of a feeling with him as possible when we’re not working or when we’re alone. We are ourselves.”

Have you played tiktok?

“I don’t play TikTok. (Do you use social media?) I don’t play much at all. Every now and then I update IGT and play sometimes. I use IG and Facebook.”

Did you read the comments? And the fans asked for it?

“There’s some reading.” But sometimes I don’t read everything. “There’s a lot.”

From now on, the drama is about to end. Will we see the Pope more often?

“I don’t really know, because actually people kept calling me while I was working. But if the job doesn’t fit the way we work like that I might not take it, and I can’t answer it if the job is right for us. I accept everything.”

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