The planet still has coal-fired power plant projects in 34 countries

According to the Global Energy Monitor, the planet still has plans to build or expand coal-fired power plants in 34 different countries, especially China.

In all, the world, with more than 2,400 coal-fired power plants in 79 countries – with a capacity of nearly 2,100 gigawatts (GW) – plans to increase its power generation capacity by another 457 GW in the coming years. Says it could come through new coal-fired power plant projects Global Energy Monitor Annual Report Released Tuesday.

The report welcomes the global trend towards a recession in installations, a 13% decline compared to 2021 and an increase in its 525 GW power generation capacity. However, he recalled that 2021 was seen as a “back” in the construction of coal-fired power plants connected to Govit-19, and that this 13%, not net decrease in new installations, indicates a recession. In perspective.

China’s worst student

The authors point out that China “continues to be the obvious exception to the current decline of power plants in growth.” More than half (56%) of the 45 GW production units launched last year were in China (25.2 GW), 14% in India and 11% in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

China alone has approximately as many opening projects (total capacity of 25.2 gigawatts) as other planets have plans to close (25.6 gigawatts).

The world is mobilizing

Elsewhere in the world, 65 countries have pledged to halt construction, 36 more than in January 2021. Within the OECD, 86% of countries currently have no new coal projects in place.

Nevertheless, six countries are systematically considering new projects: the United States, Australia, Poland, Mexico, Japan and Turkey, although many of them are “unlikely to see daylight”, according to the authors.

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In Africa (COP27 is scheduled for Egypt, editorial note), where the next International Climate Conference will be held, there are still coal-related projects in 12 countries, three less than in 2021 (C டிte d’Ivoire, Morocco and Djibouti).

Global Energy Monitor

Global Energy Monitor is a think tank based in San Francisco. It publishes this report with the support of eight other international environmental organizations: Sierra Club in the United States, Kiko in Japan, Europe in Europe, Life in India, BWGED in Bangladesh, as well as Crea, E3G and SFOC.

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