The nickname “Gong Yu from Thailand” is notorious!! “Teacher Baibon” reveals his heart and feelings

The nickname “Gong Yu from Thailand” is notorious!! “Teacher Baibon” reveals his heart and feelings

The aromatic meat is ready. “Heh pipes” Every day for “Guru Paipun Singdoyan” or “Gong Yoo from Thailand” Recently, he created a lot of excitement among fans after announcing their relationship. “Inflorescences” or “Helen” or “Supachaya Zhao Kho Wiang” Publicly, he is ready to say that he is honest and not joking. With the heart of a little girl, this was a response to netizens who accused them of deceiving “Nourat”.

Netizens are giving a chance to the new relationship between the couple. So, I would watch from afar and worry amid the trend of revealing the real girl's face. “Teacher Baibon” On the other hand, the man who found the target never came out to admit it. He also shared the news on his page with a wonderful comment that said:

“In addition to feeling sorry for Nurat, please help support and give opportunities and good things to Nurat to give happiness in exchange for everyone by having a job, getting money, earning income and having a house to live in.”

It is considered a rather generous response to such news.

And another topic that Internet users are very interested in. This is the nickname. “Gong Yoo from Thailand” Which someone set up so it became a debate about its appropriateness or was it intentional assault? by “Teacher Baibon” It has been said

“At first I was confused. At first I was confused about who Gong Yoo was, and I didn't say I looked like anyone else. I'm from a country with an ordinary face. When I went to see Gong Yoo, he was a Korean star. Asia level, from World class but very handsome. His fans are all over the world, go and look, we are not like that. There are no similarities. I have an ordinary face and he is very handsome, so I feel comfortable knowing that it has nothing to do with us…

…just have someone point it out and call you. It's all put together to cause drama. I never said I looked like everyone else. I never said I was handsome. Normal Person.”

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