The NFL approves a one-year trial run of a new fair catch rule that could have a significant impact on kickoff returns


There may be fewer kickoff returns during the 2023 season because NFL 32 owners have agreed to a new rule that would encourage returnees to advocate fair catch.

Under the new rule, approved on Tuesday, if the kickoff returner calls for a fair catch anywhere inside his own 25-yard line, the score will be the same as the touchdown line and the receiving team will have the ball at the 25-yard line. This basically means that any kickoff caught between the goal line and the 24-yard line can be moved to the 25-yard line as long as the returner calls for a fair catch.

This means that the NFL now has the same rule as the NFL college footballany The rule was implemented in 2018. The only catch with the new NFL rule is that it may not be permanent. The rule was approved as a one-year trial, which means if the NFL doesn’t get what it wants from the rule, it could be rescinded starting in 2024.

The NFL has worked for years to reduce the amount of contact that occurs on kickoffs, and by adding this new catch rule, the league hopes more players will make the decision to call for a fair catch instead of going for a return.

The owners were actually going to vote on that rule on Monday, but it was pushed back to Tuesday because it was facing too much opposition from special teams coaches and players, according to to Sports Illustrated. One concern about the new rule is that it could lead to more silly strikes, potentially resulting in more violent strikes on kick-off rather than a lower number. Although the new rule was approved, the NFL clearly listened to the concerns of the group of specialists, which is likely why the rule was only approved for one year.

It’s been a busy week for the NFL’s owners, who voted for him Super Bowl LX Bay Area Award while Also delivering the 2025 NFL Draft to Green Bay. Owners too Approval of a new emergency rule QB.

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