The missing killer whale was spotted in the scene

One of the missing killer whales was found in the Sean area Wednesday. The BFMTV channel reported that the animal had been spotted several times off the coast of northern France. It is unusual to see such a creature in this geographical area.

According to a research team, the killer whale was first spotted on April 5 by crew of a fishing boat thirty kilometers off the coast of Normandy. Since then, the mammal has been reported several times along the coast, along the Chain and about sixty kilometers above sea level, near Yoinville.

Orcas are commonly found off the coast of Scotland, Iceland or Norway. It is also found in the South Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Pisces. Experts do not know whether it came from the English Channel because it was sick or the young model who lost its crew.

The first observations said the animal was in good health, but experts found clear signs of thinning and fungal infections. These experts are also pessimistic about the chances of survival if the animals are left alone.

Firm key prognosis

This “male killer whale, protected and wild species”, “very vulnerable”, confirmed the province of Seine-maritime in a press release.

‘Important prognosis is involved. We are really worried. His health is deteriorating, “said GerCC, vice president of the Cerborg-based association, appointed by the French Biodiversity Office (OFB) for the study and conservation of mammals, sailors on the AFP channel.

‘The longer she stays in the fresh water the more her health will deteriorate. It is far from the sea and it is very difficult to find solutions to encourage the return of salt water, ”he said. Mauger added. The GECC was founded in 1997 by this retired high school principal.

‘Very exceptional’ presence

The first sighting between Honfleur and Le Havre, near Pont de Normandie, was on May 16, when the killer whale “may have already come weakly toward the mouth of the Seine”, he continues.

‘Her health is so comfortable for her to be in the river because it is so low. She expends less energy, but ‘eating herself is more complicated: there is less prey than the ocean,’ he notes.

Helping an animal is complicated because accessing it can be stressful and ‘an unhealthy animal may be more sensitive to stress’, says Mr. Mauger explains.

The GECC states that the animal can transmit potential viruses or cause an accident by moving.

Mr Mauker says reports on killer whales on the English Channel are “very exceptional.”


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