The Ministry of Public Health is knocking! No more than 5 amphetamine pills are considered a “user.”

Dr Kittisak Aksornwong, Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health. He presided over a meeting to discuss fixing the dosage of narcotic drugs. It is considered to be held for consumption. Co-operation with relevant agencies such as Office of Narcotics Control Board (NACC), Royal Thai Police, State Council Office, Attorney General’s Office, Court Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, etc.

Both academic and clinical information from meetings with all stakeholders, including representatives from the Department of Medical Services, the Department of Psychiatry, and the Food and Drug Administration. And medical science department will take a detailed look at the composition of the drug and the effects of its dosage. and impacts on other dimensions such as law enforcement, justice process, community and societal dimension caused by prescription drugs, legal management system, treatment, justice process, and correctional system Initially, there was a consensus that in the case of methamphetamine or amphetamine, it is considered to be of use. No more than 5 tablets should be prescribed.

Dr. Kittisak added that setting the dose at 5 pills would allow the holder to infer possession of the drug as intended by the law. Simplifies the work of the authorities If you voluntarily undergo treatment in the initial classification of addicts, you will not be prosecuted. But if you do not come forward for treatment, the case will be sent to the court to compel more treatment. But even if you keep less than 5 pills, if the investigation shows that the business is going on. There will be a crime and action should be taken against him. Because they are not considered slaves What steps from here are to first conduct a public hearing and inquiry as per the regulations to promulgate the draft ministerial regulations. It will then be submitted to the cabinet. Dosage of other medications will be considered. The draft minister should also be a slave to regulations

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