The Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2024 event is being held in a grand manner, and is expected to generate 1.6 billion baht.

Informa Markets is ready to organize Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2024 to update the latest medical developments. To increase business opportunities in the industry and in Asia, there are more than 350 exhibitors from 28 countries, and the number of attendees is expected to exceed 10,000, with a targeted business value of no less than 1,640 million baht.

Mr. Manu Leoberot The President of Informa Markets (Thailand) said that this year Informa Markets has combined 3 major events in Southeast Asia, namely Medlab Asia, Asia Health and CPHI Southeast Asia together under the concept that the International Healthcare Week is the most important platform for healthcare professionals from all over the world to network, learn and do business dedicated to innovative products and solutions related to medical laboratory. Medical instruments and equipment, health solutions and the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry including academic conferences, seminars and conferences in all related sectors. This is in line with Thailand being ranked 6th among 195 countries with the strongest health security in the world. This helps to enhance Thailand’s reputation as the medical hub of Asia.

Miss Rongvit Chetanawat The Director of Informa Markets ASEAN Regional Project Group, as the organizer of Medlab Asia and Asia Health, said that the medical device business in Thailand is likely to improve significantly compared to 2023 due to the increasing demand for medical equipment in line with the expansion of hospitals and nursing homes. Including the increasing number of elderly people and awareness of public health. This is an important positive factor that helps to boost the growth of the medical device trade in Thailand. In addition, there is support from the government in promoting the medical industry. The launch of new technologies and innovations that can increase the efficiency of treatment, cooperation between public and private entities in the field of research and development, as well as increased investment in medical infrastructure. These are all things that drive the medical laboratory industry. Medical equipment is growing

“Therefore, Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2024 is a leading platform for the medical laboratory and medical device industry in ASEAN. It provides unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurs, industry experts and healthcare professionals to network, connect, exchange knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in modern medical developments. To increase business opportunities in the industry and in Asia, this year there are more than 350 exhibiting companies from 28 countries, and the event is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors and business matching from potential buyers in the industry. The target is for the trade value of the event to be no less than 1,640 million baht.

Participating countries at this year’s Medical Products & Technology Exhibition include Singapore, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Poland, Hungary, India, Italy, Australia, USA, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and Thailand. Leading companies such as Dedalus, AGD, AL FAHIM Healthcare Solutions, Autobio, DBC, Healthium, Sekisui Veredus, Snibe, TOP, URIT, WonFo, YHLO, Beacon, DNA-Technology, FAPON, OneCell Diagnostics and more attended the event.

Products on display include the DTprime Real-Time PCR – DNA-TECHNOLOGY system. For diagnostic laboratories with high-volume routine testing, the V-VEIL UP2 medical device is used to collect secretion samples. Fluids and materials placed in the vagina and cervix for examination in a diagnostic laboratory. Theruptor NXT is a next-generation wound dressing solution focused on optimal wound management. Designed for acute wound care, OncoIndx offers comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) for all types of solid tumors, a validated NGS test that extracts treatment information from tissue and blood samples. With a rapid turnaround time of no more than 15 days or Clinalytix Medical AI, an AI assistant for healthcare providers. It pre-diagnoses and alerts users about each patient’s risk of severe clinical complications. It uses both structured and free text-based medical information contained in each patient’s electronic medical record (EHR), for example.

In addition to showcasing medical products and technology, Medlab Asia and Asia Health also host medical conferences for medical professionals. To advance your career and expand your knowledge in the ever-changing world of healthcare. Lectures by leading speakers from around the world Medlab Asia Academic Conference delves deeply into the subject. Laboratory Management, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics Clinical Microbiology Anatomical Pathology and Haematology and Asia Health Academic Conference on Digital Medicine The Future of Medicine Hospital Management Medical Equipment Dispensing and National Health Fund Patient Safety Radiology and Sterilization and Disinfection

Attendees are eligible for CME – CMTE – CPD and CNEU Continuing Education Points In addition, there will be seminars for the Medical Devices Sector – Doing Business in Asia. For entrepreneurs in the industry and those interested in updating the opportunities in the medical devices sector in Thailand and Asia.

Those interested can visit Medlab Asia & Asia Health 2024, an exhibition of products, technology and innovation in the field of medical laboratory equipment. Medical devices and global medical conferences are available from today – 12 July 2024 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Halls 5-7. Those interested in visiting the event can register on the website.

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