The main heroine, Meu Neetha, finds happiness in life when she gives birth to a child. He reveals that he does not feel angry or hate anyone (there is a clip)

Unlock another side of the young actress Myo neta khohapremkitThat no one ever knows From past to present With the changing life of a mother of two, she finds a happiness in life that she never experienced before when she had children. And experience allows one to let go of suffering. I can honestly say that I don’t feel angry or hate anyone on the show currently. “Woody FM”

The main heroine, Meu Neetha, finds happiness in life when she gives birth to a child. He revealed that he does not feel angry or hate anyone.

From day one until today, has much changed?
Mio: There are many more roles than that. From the first time I entered the industry I feel like we are trying to give ourselves a chance, in fact, Mio is not someone who dares to express herself or wants to become an actor. After the opportunity opened, I came and wanted to try my hand at it. Special Intention We had to dig deep because we were very shy about the energy we were going to use in our shows so far. Mio doesn’t know how she got here.

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Does shyness arise from childhood?
Mio: Since childhood that is, if we are in a classroom, the teacher is teaching and we have a question in our mind about how to do it. That is, I don’t dare raise my hand until the class is over and then ask the teacher outside the class or ask a friend outside the class. Even at school events, I want to be the one who is not in the spotlight. He will be a very ordinary person.

When is the entry point into the industry? Why did you give up? Who is shy and unable to accept the conditions of being a celebrity?
Mio: At that time, what was acceptable? Because I got paid (laughs) when I cached my first ad, I felt like I actually got paid doing it in one day. Because at that time we had to ask our parents for money. You’re starting to feel like you can make your own money. Let’s try to see if there is an opportunity to enter. It won’t hurt anything.

When you were an actor on Channel 3, do you still feel embarrassed?
Mio: Embarrassment: Nowadays, there is still shyness and excitement when we have to meet a lot of people, or be in the spotlight, or at some special event. It still exists today. Maybe it was because we weren’t confident with ourselves at that time, and we were shy too, so it made us feel awkward when we had to walk anywhere alone, back in the day when we had to be actors, in front of the camera is something that requires a lot of adjustment, and I think it’s It might be something we feel like trying. Make it the best it can be. It draws energy. Bring out the courage in yourself. Make it possible to pass different missions.

When we had our first child, how did Saint and I talk about what kind of child we would raise?
Mio: Our goal at home is to make our children happy. No matter what career he wants to do, or what he wants to be, he wants his basics to be a happy and kind-hearted person, and Saint will always say that Mio is a very lucky person. Mio’s life doesn’t have all its ups and downs. But she is a very happy person every day. Miu is a person who doesn’t think much. That is, I encountered something that was not good. He only stayed with Mio for 2-3 days and then he became like a person who had no stress in himself. Like a person who is happy all the time Saint always said that Mio seemed like a worthy person. He also wanted his child to get this from Mio. Be happy with the little things, you are not someone who struggles not to be happy.

How do we let go of suffering?
Mio: Mio is a very sensitive person, in fact, when she faces something difficult, she cries very quickly. Because he cried so quickly, it was as if he was quickly released. It’s not as if when we face suffering, we have to be strong. Don’t cry, we must be strong. If we don’t do this, we can accept that sometimes we are sad when we should be sad, so we cry and Mio has people around her as a good support. There are parents, family, big brother Saint. Now that we have children, we feel that everything is surrounded by a protective shield, so happy. No matter what happened, when we returned home, we almost forgot that we had gone through the suffering that day. So he made us leave it very quickly. Because Mio is a person who understands the world, maybe this person did this to us. I’m trying to understand why he did it that way. Because maybe they were raised that way. There may be a need like this. So he came to do this to us. When we understand it and then accept it we can let go of it easily. People like to ask if Mio is angry with anyone. Mew could tell that Mew wasn’t having it. I feel like Mio’s life is light. Are you happy, don’t want anything, or are you on fire inside? There is no such feeling. Maybe with experience and years of work. So I feel like whatever goes in will come out.

Another side of Mew Nittha that no one knows?
Mio: When I was a teenager probably everyone had a similar age. Fortunately, Mio’s parents raised them in an understanding way. He does not raise them in a way that should be completely within the framework, as in his teenage years his children want to travel. He felt like he wanted to go and went. He just went to take it home, it was safer. For example, if you don’t let your child go, you will have to run away and travel. He didn’t know where we were going.

Today there is no opportunity to travel as in the past?
Mio: It’s not that there’s no chance. There are still some opportunities. But I myself don’t want to go. When I have a baby, I don’t want to go anywhere. Since I got married, I feel that going out to eat is one of the pleasures of the day. But now that I have kids, I want to eat at home and I don’t want to leave. If you go out one day, you have to have a date with someone, you have to go out, if it’s just the two of us, it’s hard to go out to eat at all.

What have you learned about being a mother?
Mio: People who have never been a mother will never understand. I don’t know where my mother’s strength came from. That is, if we go back to before birth, we still cannot imagine how to be a mother. Until the day he was born, we saw his face and he could come. We can do everything for him. It is a happiness we have never experienced before. Before having a child, Mio was someone who liked to leave the house. Most often, they go out in search of happiness, go shopping, and meet friends. But today, when we have children, happiness is when you wake up and see your child and be happy. It was a kind of happiness that Mio had never experienced before. It is truly an inexplicable love, and I am so happy when my child calls my mother. For example, yesterday it rained heavily. When I talk about my child, I say: I don’t want to cry. When we got into the car and held up an umbrella for my baby (with tears in my eyes), I held up an umbrella for him to get into the car. Then he asked if mom was wet. This is all I long for (smiles) That’s why I said that if I hadn’t been a mother, I would never have known this kind of feeling. That is, my heart is very tender.

Is the second child planning with Saint? Or does everything come naturally?
Mio: Planning: Initially we planned to have two people. For this one, we’d like to hope they’re not too far apart. For example, Mio and our younger sister are two years apart, which Mio feels is a good age. The Mio children will be separated for almost two years, making them feel like friends and brothers. Now it’s so cold in Mew, as if we’ve ever seen something like this before. So I know what the next step will be. Now we’re so cold. Because we also care about taking care of our first child. We already have the experience. It will be something similar to the original. We should be able to handle it. For example, the first person is very new so we have to prepare a lot.

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