The Last of Us leaks are in a flood, revealing accessibility and console layout options

Yesterday we got a little Leaks bites For the recently announced Naughty Dog remake of the first part of The Last of Us, which is coming to PlayStation 5 and eventually PC. Now, however, the gates opened really well.

Today, the Internet is full of all kinds of new information about the game, including details about access options and control layout.

If you’re keen to avoid any spoilers, some of them are included in the text below – so take this as a sign to read something else on Eurogamer if you’d like.

Joel in the remake of the first part of The Last of Us compared to the remastered version.

The latest leak of The Last of Us came from the co-founder of XboxEra Nick Bakerwho took several screenshots and excerpts from The Last of Us Part 1 and shared them with the world throughout the night.

We now have a closer look at the game Console layout, which includes all the expected options for things like melee, aim, run, climb, etc. Baker went on to say that the spin goal would be supported.

In addition, Baker also shared a comprehensive list of Accessibility Features (that comes with a look at the game menu) that will be available.

There are many options you would expect, especially after the amazing catalog of features in The Last of Us Part 2. According to Baker’s source, you will be able to adjust the game’s field of view and camera shake to meet the needs of those who suffer from motion sickness. There is also a color blindness mode, screen magnifier, and customizable controls.

As with Part 2, there is also an option to skip puzzles and combat audio cues.

Baker also detailed a file How to apply that will be available. Resolution mode “prefers resolution over frame rate”, rendering in 4K and targeting 40 frames per second. Meanwhile, the performance mode is set to target 60fps and has dynamic resolution.

There have also been some new screenshots and screenshots that have been shared.

One section We’ve had a look at The Last of Us Part 1’s workbench, where Joel is shown upgrading his weapons. Compared to previous workbench sections, this has more details (which is really to be expected).

other pins Show Joel and Ellie in fightingwith both long-range attacks and battles and the use of throwing bottles around the room to create a distraction.

Baker stated that the footage “isn’t in HDR apparently captured. A bit better but hasn’t been touched yet, so I think it’s a capture issue.”

Naughty Dog has been unfortunate enough that it has had several high profile leaks for its games. The The Last of Us Part 1 Revealed has been leaked Just hours before it was officially unveiled.

Meanwhile, pivotal plot elements for The Last of Us Part 2 found their way onto the internet before its release, causing the game’s community to react completely.

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