The Kalush band pays $ 900,000 to the Ukrainian military

The winner of the last edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra bids for its trophy. He won $ 900,000 (861,000 francs), which he donated to the Foundation for Assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The large crystal microphone with the Eurovision logo was auctioned off on Facebook and went on sale on Saturday evening. It was won by Whitebit, a company that specializes in trading bitcoins.

On Sunday evening the Facebook group Kalush said ‘You are awesome!’ ‘Special thanks to the Whitebit team who bought the trophy for $ 900,000 and now owns it.’

Proceeds from these auctions – which you can participate in using cryptocurrencies – will be donated to the Prytula Foundation, which helps the Ukrainian military, the group said on Instagram.

“For the first time in Eurovision history, winners are bidding for their trophies to help the Ukrainian military,” he said.

The Kalush Orchestra won a European competition on May 14 with the song ‘Stefania’, a mix of hip-hop and traditional music. The show won the audience vote.

Russia, which occupied Ukraine on February 24, was excluded from the competition.


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