The hood is peeling off an Alaska Airlines flight to San Diego

No injuries were reported among the 176 passengers.

New Delhi:

Window seats may be the most in-demand on a flight, but passengers on Monday’s Alaska Airlines flight will likely argue otherwise, as in addition to a serene view of the clouds, passengers were greeted with shattered parts of their plane’s engine.

Part of the plane’s casing, a removable metal casing for the engine, was peeled off, leaving the interior exposed shortly after the Alaska Airlines plane bound for San Diego took off from Seattle. Then the flight was diverted back to Seattle.

A video shared on Twitter captured the crash from the plane’s window. A poster text attached to the clip says “We survived.”

Alaska Airlines said in a statement to CNN that Flight 558 reported unusual shaking on the left side of the plane shortly after its departure… The plane returned to the airport and landed safely.

The airlines also said that no injuries were reported among the 176 passengers and six crew members aboard CNN mentioned. However, the aircraft has been taken out of service while a safety team is investigating the cause of the problem.

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