The heroine rose to the rank of “mistress” after her high-society boyfriend bought a large share of Channel One|

She was extremely aroused as she became L's mistressActress Om Suchar Manning It was previously big news when her young boyfriend liked herAmber Bethan Ongkosit Acquire a significant number of shares of Channel One or ONE, The One Enterprise Public Company Limited.
Recently, Aom Girl gave an interview. In connection with the purchase of shares of Channel One she was even harassed because she was the mistress of one of the major shareholders

“I don't want to answer this question at all. Because of the same stress (Are you so upset?) We are his employees, we can hire us as usual (smiles), we support him in what he intends to do like this.
People were more teasing, as if they were shocked that P'Amp liked this job too. The mood doesn't seem to match. Because before that he was always in business. But now it is enough to invest in entertainment. People were a little surprised.
I was asked: Will I from now on be the heroine of Channel One in every story? Saying this makes me nervous, seriously, they won't put the savings to use, it's true. You can hire me. (Are you sure you will still be able to accept work?) You can be hired. In fact, this is completely irrelevant. Pee Amp is not in the administration department. Or decide on these matters at all still the same management team as before, we are independent representatives. “Everything has to be done according to the system. There is a choice, and Aom can work with everyone. I already have a channel
Many people praise him as the perfect, handsome, perfect and complete man?

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“For Aom, P'Amp is the same as it was before. I mean, he saw him from the first day. How is he doing? But he has grown in his work. Like our growth is the performance side. There may be different projects. They have become bigger but for him growth is doing business.” Business and investment that he believes is a good business.”

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