The Hanuman Police Zone 8 team chases Chia Bang, riding motorcycles in turns.

Trang – Hanuman outfit, police zone 8, rides motorcycles up the hill and alternately chases Chia Bang. Along with public relations, a reward of 1 million baht was offered for the leader’s arrest, while villagers turned to tapping rubber during the day. Due to fear of danger at night

Today (November 9) Police Lieutenant Colonel Jirawat Thongyoi, Police Inspector of Ban Nong Yung Police Station, Palian District, Trang Province, leads a team to investigate mass relations. More than 20 officers from Nong Yung Police Station, Nai Quan Police Station and Balian Police Station brought pictures of Xia Pang. We will promote this to the villagers who use the Ban Tra ascent. Beside Tun Dok Falls, Balian Sub-District, Balian District, and villagers are willing to promote it to know and give clues. A reward of 1 million baht is being offered by the prisons department for his arrest.

As for the Head of Public Relations, he said that he had come to publicize it so that the villagers would help report any clues. Also be careful with Chia Bang. Also the villagers should be safe and the point of the route coming to advertise is the only way for motorbikes to get up and down Pan Tra. Around 4:00 pm the Hanuman Provincial Police Zone 8 team, driving motocross motorbikes and motorbikes, joined and brought 20 vehicles. Force exchange with regional team 9. At Baan Tra

As for Dun Dae Falls Management Centre, within Dun Dae Forest Conservation Unit. Police have requested 100 motorcycles from various police stations to support the search for the culprits in Khao Bandhat Wildlife Sanctuary, Palian district. It was only after the recent shooting incident that the villagers in Ban Tra area did not dare to go out to tap rubber at night. Until he had to come out to cut during the day for fear of colliding with Xia Bang and causing danger.

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