The Hamas-Israel war and CNN drama

October 13, 2023 – Lieutenant General Nanthadej Maksawat, former head of the Special Operations Center. The National Security Center posted a message on Facebook. The details are as follows:

The Hamas-Israel war and CNN drama

The war between Hamas and Israel, today we still cannot see who is right and who is wrong. It’s more complicated. News about eggs CNN has a lot to offer, just take a look.

Last week, the Netanyahu government was in trouble.

More than 100,000 Israelis demonstrate in protest against justice reform and interference in the court’s jurisdiction

Moreover, Israel faces many problems, including a long-standing conflict in the West Bank. And the conflict between Israel and Iran, as well as other problems, such as the dismissal of Mr. Gallant. The Israeli Defense Minister leaves office, etc. These events are not in Israel’s favor at all.

What could end the demonstrations against this issue, if not a war between Hamas and Israel, a war that must be “big enough” to bring Israelis together? Forget opposing the government for now.

On the other hand, Hamas boasts that it used 5,000 rockets to attack Israel. It is questionable where they get the missiles from. In addition to purchasing from Ukrainian soldiers but perhaps not much. Therefore, if this matter could be made big the protectors fought a little longer. Aid from Islamic countries and weapons will flow

This war story will be real. Or is it just a dramatic performance by both parties? We should know about it in another 5-7 days. Don’t forget that even Hamas and Israel have been angry with each other for a long time. But Israel has supported the formation of Hamas before. But when a serious accident occurs, both parties must pray for themselves because no one will know that there is a serious accident here. When will it end?

everything is possible.

In this case, the small states of ASEAN should not become supporting actors in the drama. Who is the best thing to support?

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