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Veteran Buck Corner hits free agency.

Release the giants James Bradbury The team announced on Monday after it failed to find a business partner.

The new General Manager Zhou Xin said last week that He thinks there will be more interest in Bradbury. But it is possible that the back corner contract has contributed to the dry trade market. Bradberry was set to receive a $21.8 million cap in the final year of his deal.

The release of Bradbury would cost the Giants $11.7 million in dead money but save them $10.1 million off their cap this season. If Bradberry is classified as a post-June 1 release, the move will cost $10.4 million at the maximum this season but save $11.5 million.

Bradbury signed with the Giants in free agency in 2020 after playing four seasons with the Panthers to kick-start his career. He’s been on the field on nearly every one of New York’s defensive picks last year, scoring four interceptions in his career with 17 passes defended and a pair of recovering fumble.

In 92 career games, Bradbury has scored 15 interceptions and 82 defensive passes. He turns 29 in August.

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