The funeral home manager said the shooting of the ‘Chicago Fire’ was ‘unbelievable’, a real fire nearby made the scene ‘chaotic’

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shooting near a “Chicago Fire” The production set was just part of the “amazing” scene that unfolded Wednesday in front of AA Rayner & Sons Funeral Homes. A real fire broke out in the street, causing confusion among the residents who believed that the actors were real firefighters who chose not to respond to the fire.

Charles Childs Jr., the director of the funeral home where the NBC show was being filmed, told Fox News Digital that shortly before the suspect fired shots near the set, the cast were rehearsing to put out a real fire while a separate incident was reported down the block.

Once the real fire was reported, authorities responded to the scene shortly after 1:45 p.m. when “an unknown culprit, armed with a weapon fire pistol in A group of people stand at 5900 Block of W Madison Street “near the city’s Oak Park area, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Childs Jr explained that the entire scenario was “chaotic” as neighbors were puzzled as to why the dozens of supposed firefighters in his land would not respond to the fire on the street, not knowing that the people they were watching putting out the fires were not trained as first responders, but were actually actors .

‘Chicago Fire’ production halted after shooting near oak garden, police confirm shooter is ‘a escape scene’

“Chicago Fire” was filming when a shooting took place nearby, as well as a real fire that broke out in the neighborhood, according to funeral home manager Charles Childs Jr.
(Adrian S. Burroughs)

Childs Jr. explained the overall scene in AA Rayner & Sons funeral home On Madison Street.

“First, a fire broke out in the adjacent block at 1500 West Madison Chicago Fire Department (CFD) responded to that, and while the Chicago Fire Department responded, the Chicago Fire TV stars and crew were only a block away so people saw the actors and wanted to know why they weren’t responding to the real fire.”

Chicago police will divert some forces from nearby areas to protect film sets: Report

Charles said the confusion could have been the bestselling book’s story as people rushed to seek help from the cast, assuming they were the first responders who simply didn’t respond.

“At the funeral home, it was a believable fire, and the actors were just doing their jobs,” he said. “So while this was all going on, some idiots used a firearm and shot people. We don’t know who the target was. We don’t know who the assailant was.”

The "Chicago fire" (Seen in Season 10) The shooting took place near the funeral home where the NBC show was filming Wednesday

The shooting of “Chicago Fire” (seen in season 10) took place near the funeral home where the NBC show was being filmed Wednesday.
(Adrian S. Burroughs)

While “no one was hurt”, the suspect fled the scene in a “dark SUV” and CBD investigators are investigating the shooting incident.

“It was chaotic because all of these activities were going on at the same time,” Childs Jr. said. “Why would someone do that? There was a police presence. There were security guards. It was just an incredible situation.”

“It was one of those days,” he added. “You couldn’t write that into a novel.”

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"Chicago fire" He was filming in A.A. Rayner &  Sons funeral home in Oak Park.  Taylor Kinney plays Lieutenant Kelly Seyfried on the popular NBC show.

“Chicago Fire” was filmed in AA Rayner & Sons funeral home in Oak Park. Taylor Kinney plays Lieutenant Kelly Seyfried on the popular NBC show.
(Adrian S. Burroughs)

Childs Jr. speculated that about 70 people were close to his funeral home or at the production stage, and someone may have been seriously injured.

“One of them could have been killed or shot by mistake,” he said. “We don’t know what this person was going through. We don’t understand it,” he said.

Several security personnel were at the stage for the Dick Wolf drama, which stars Jesse Spencer, Cara Kilmer, David Egenberg, and Lady Gaga’s ex-fiancé, Taylor Kinney.

"Chicago fire" The actors were safe after shooting near the production set on Wednesday (pictured in season 10).

The “Chicago Fire” actors were safe after a shooting near the production set on Wednesday (pictured in Season 10).
(Adrian S. Burroughs)

Between the sirens of responders to the street fire and police signals, Childs Jr. said everything was “extremely chaotic” and “confusing.”


“We can pray that no one gets hurt,” he said. I am not sure how many victims were displaced by the fire.”

“We thank all of us that no one was injured here,” he added.

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