The Fugees reunited during the Lauryn Hill set, this will likely be their last for a while


Reunite at Roots Picnic…

Last time probably for a while

The Fugees met this weekend during the Lauryn HillThe headliners set in Philadelphia…and it might be the last time we see them as a unit for a long time.

The three former band members reunited on Saturday during the Roots Picnic Music Festival… as it was one of the last performances of the night to take the stage. It was a big deal, as she’s celebrating the 25th anniversary of her album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

I really watched the Fugees reunion live……. Lauryn Hill’s show was amazing

– Camille 😇 (@djcamic) June 4, 2023

It seems Wyclef Jean And Brass They also realized the significance… ‘because at some point during her performance, they joined her on stage and started performing as The Fugees again.

Actually… it was a very cool moment. They performed at least one of their songs – “Ready or Not” – and the audience was shaking along with them. It’s not clear if they did any other paths… but they sure had plenty to choose from. The Fugees have tons of hits under their belt.

amazing! The Fugees in @employee!# refugees #retweet # Lauryn Hill

– Philly PR Girl LLC (@Philly_PR_Girl) June 4, 2023

It seems that the show went off without a hitch, and the main organizer of the festival – Questlove He was certainly grateful. took over I.G With a throwback job of one of The Fugees’ first gigs, noting that this may be one of the last times they join forces like this in this setting.

He wrote: “MsLaurynHill gave us strength by allowing us to not only celebrate with her classic #MiseducationOfLaurynHill but she also created a moment by bringing together her brothers @WyclefJean & PrasMichel… I give all my gratitude for making the miracle of the night happen.”

Part of the reason The Fugees may not reunite like this again for some time is because Pras will likely go to jail after being found guilty in the illegal alien influence scheme case… which is Face up to 20 years behind bars. It has not yet been judged.

Enjoy it while you can.

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