The football transfer gate opened at midnight under a new rule, and 9 Alabama entered

Welcome to the new era of the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Under new rules adopted over the summer, the gates to college football’s free agency season opened at midnight on the East Coast.

So for the next 45 days, those with lower ranks can enter the portal and be recruited by new programs. It is part of an effort to curb the year-round transfer market by segmenting it into specific periods depending on the season of competition.

For fall sports, the 45-day window opens the day after tournament selections are made. The portal will be closed on January 18th. Another 15-day window will run from April 15-30 after spring practices are completed.

Graduate transfers can still enter the portal at any time.

For Alabama, nine players from the Opening Day roster have declared their intentions to enter the gate. This includes starting offensive lineman Javier Cohen who He made the announcement Sunday night.

Cornerback Khyree Jackson initially announced he would enter the gate again on November 23, but later said he was clearing his name and entering once the undergraduate window opened on Monday.

A year ago, 18 Alabama players entered the gate after the season opener on the roster. One of them, linebacker Jaylen Moody, later cleared his name and returned to being a starter this season.

Alabama players enter the transfer portal

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