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It’s called being watched a lot. In the case of the famous singer Baitoey Suteewan or Baitoey Rsiam, she was temporarily released. By depositing securities in the amount of 5 million baht in cash, original passport, wearing an EM bracelet and must report to the court on the specified date.

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Bitoy was released on the evening of the 15th. Last November but there was no discussion or interview with the media at all. The first event is Loy Krathong Singing Sriracha Day on November 27

Recently, Lux Chanwit, the younger brother, revealed the first photo of Bitoy after his release. Hug your daughter and travel to visit her mother in the hospital

Lux also wrote a message, “Thank you for all the encouragement you sent to P’Toey 🙏🏻❤️ Lux is so happy to have this dear sister back. Thank you for everything that brought us together again. And thank you to everyone who cares about my mom. Now my mom’s condition.” Much better. The doctor told me to go home and rest. After that, let’s continue to take care of the family. I hope everyone’s days will be happy and happy too.

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