The FBI does not expect to reopen the investigation into Brad Pitt after the allegations of Angelina Jolie

Back in 2016, Angelina Jolie She claimed to the FBI that her ex-husband Brad Pitt He injured her after driving her drunk on a private plane.

The incident allegedly left their six children upset, but the FBI is not willing to reopen an investigation into the matter.

A source told Page Six, “The statute of limitations has expired and they’ve seen all the information on hand.”

“There is nothing new here. At that time they looked into all of Angelina’s allegations and did not press any charges.

“The FBI investigated the incident thoroughly, and there is no chance of reopening the case. This is all a concerted effort to discredit Brad.

“Angelina’s allegations were raised in at least two different legal contexts: the accident on the plane and then again during a lengthy custody trial. In one case, no charges were brought, and in another, Brad was granted a 50/50 reservation.”

The two actors are divorced, but the custody of their two minor children: Zahra, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox is still disputed.

“These are six-year-old stuff that Angelina introduced at the nursery session,” a friend of Pitt told Page Six.

“This is a six-year campaign by Angelina to discredit Brad.

“This is really just Angelina’s version of events. And that’s what she claims to have happened.

“These allegations were raised at the custody hearing and it is clear that the judge did not believe them, otherwise Brad would not have obtained joint custody.”

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