The end of 14 years of married life.. A famous singer separates from her husband in a thunderstorm. The debate ended in one day Siam News

The end of 14 years of married life.. A famous singer separates from her husband in a thunderstorm. The quarrel ended in one day.

Causing the entire entertainment industry to be shocked after Bo Suratnavee revealed that she had separated from her husband, Kid Fassit Vatharanukkul, after being married for 11 years and being together for another 3 years, for a total of 14 years during the show, saying that they had separated in February, but she did not She tells someone if they have broken up. I have discovered that, friends, I have someone to consult with, and that is enough, and I do not want to share my suffering with others.

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Bo said that Bo feels that when they break up, everyone has their own freedom, and if you meet too much, someone will send pictures. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable when people ask. He’s fine now. Or saw Bo going with someone? You don’t have to tell anyone. The psychological state is ready.

When asked what happened after being together for 11 years, Bo said there was a reason like every couple. When we started our marriage, we wanted it to be good forever. She has goals in life but one day there was a problem. I can not keep going. We’ve been doing our best for 11 years, and he’s good at everything. Sagittarius did his best. We both dedicated our lives to each other, and one day we knew that it’s not like that anymore, we live together 24 hours a day, and sometimes there are some corners that we don’t know at all.

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“Modham asked if it had been 11 years, I don’t know. Even just working together, I still know. Po answered, I don’t know. In the past it was always good, always beautiful. We didn’t argue. We argued the day we broke up.” First fight in 11 years, then he just left.

The picture we saw was thought to be real, it was beautiful, but there was an angle we did not know. If the relationship can’t continue, then we need to talk, it’s not like we’re not over it, he can’t pay off his problems. But the bow part I’m confused too.

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Are you using the word double relationship?

“Bo said no. Are you going to say it’s a third party? Two people, married life is two people. If there is any story, if people love each other, the relationship can really work. The day we broke up, many parties were involved. There were A point where we couldn’t talk among ourselves.

When asked what part he thought was bad, Poe said he couldn’t figure it out in one day and that was it. Try to find a way to make it good. He tried many things but it didn’t work. Married life should have the same goals. When we don’t have the same goal, it’s difficult.

Poe also said he passed out when that day ended. He prayed for him a lot and we blocked each other for a while. My psychological state was damaged, I was very sad, and I had a supportive family. Friends who can be trusted with everything and friends The good thing is that no one forces Po to disappear.

Bo is someone who cannot accept the fact that they have to break up. So we had to consult a doctor, go to a psychiatrist, we couldn’t sleep, we panicked, we lost 5 kilos, we felt stressed, we tried to find a solution on our own, we exercised, we had to overcome heartbreak over little things. He went to consult a psychiatrist and there was a treatment process for 6 months, it will go away soon and we stopped taking the medication and are now clean.

Are you single today?

Single, mentally strong, long-term, has a lot of memories. But that’s in the past. Someday we will be friends.

Beau talks about his girlfriend’s friendship, saying that Joyce had great support. Lazy day at work It’s like wearing this outfit. “We usually take care of him. The day we fell, he took care of us. He was very strong. He told us a little. We see strong friends. And because we know we will succeed, we have someone by our side to take care of us, which is fortunate for us. The day we fall is like falling.” On a mattress.

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