The “elderly caucus” led the majority in applying for senators, with 5,211, followed by the women-education caucus.

Group 4 Public Health Group This includes those who are or have been doctors of all kinds. 1,628 candidates have applied in Medical Technology, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacist etc.

Group 5: Agricultural Industry Group Grows annual crops Or, there were 3,422 applicants

Group 6: Gardening, forestry, livestock, fishing or other occupations. 3,628 people had applied in the same way.

Group 7: Employees or group of employees of government institutions or government agencies, workers or other non-persons. 2,440 people had applied in the same way.

Panel 8: Panel of Experts on Environment, Urban Planning, Real Estate. and public utilities, natural resources, energy or of similar nature there were 1,180 applicants.

Group 9: Small and Medium Business OperatorsThere were 1,844 applicants for that matter or related legislation.

Group 10: Group of operators of businesses other than businesses listed in Section 9. There were 1,200 applicants.

Group 11: A group of business operators or professionals in the tourism sector. It includes entrepreneurs like tourism business, tour guide, business operator or hotel staff or the like, there are 1,177 applicants.

Group 12 Group of Industrial Entrepreneurs or etc. 609 people had applied.

Group 13: Group of Experts on Science, Technology, Communication and Innovation Development 1,039 people had applied for other things or similar.

Group 14: Women's Group 4,589 people had applied.

Group 15: Elderly group disabled or disabled ethnic group Other identity groups or the like had 5,211 applications.

Group 16: Arts, Culture, Music, Performance and Entertainment, Sportsmen or etc. 1,819 people had applied.

Group 17, Civil Society Group Public Welfare Organization Group or of similar nature there were 2,168 applicants.

Group 18 Public Relations Group Literary Creator or of similar nature there were 867 applicants.

Group 19 Professional Group Self Employed or of similar nature there were 3,816 applicants.

Group 20 other groups 2,656 people had applied.

In applying to senators

In this regard, the District Examination Director will complete the examination of the documents and application evidence, qualifications and prohibited characteristics of the applicants. And the names will be announced by May 29, 2024. Candidates who have passed the examination of all occupational groups in the district. Divided into groups

Arranged alphabetically by the names of the candidates of each group with the applicant's ID number. Applicant's first and last name, age, occupation and highest educational level. Notice to the general public at the Provincial Election Commission office, Provincial Hall. District office prepared information for dissemination through selected venue and IT system.

Then the names of the above mentioned persons have been announced by the District Level Examination Director. The Election Commission's office will publish the list of verified Senate candidates on the Election Commission's website. and smart vote application, names of candidates elected as citizen senators and information introducing the candidates (Senator 3) can be viewed from such channels.

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