The director of Weary Lightyear is once again trying to explain how true Lightyear is or not

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Light yearthe new movie from Pixar this Designation Somewhat In the esteemed studio Toy Story Universe, opens with a three-line script crawl, which is, essentially, Hail Mary’s passage to explain the film’s entire premise: “In 1995 Andy got a game. That game is from his favorite movie. This is that movie.” It’s actually a small marvel of screenwriting prowess, which was apparently provided by producer Andrew Stanton in an effort to cut through the confusion caused by the film’s premise that It was only intermittently obviousin terms of how “real” or “unreal” the film is supposed to be on a larger scale Toy Story Globalism.

And yet! and yet, Ibrox He still posted an interview with the film’s director, Angus MacLean, tonight This re-disturbs that intergalactic water a little bit. It was set up by writer Mike Ryan, and it’s, Ryan himself asserts, an incredibly foolish essay, although MacLean did his best to suggest that the whole premise was really just an excuse. to make” Awesome science fiction movie. ”

It’s all well and good, except that MacLane instantly blows up your entire vanity From this little title he crawls out, revealing the Buzz doll that Tim Allen played in Toy Story he is Not based on the movie Light year This is about to be in theaters. It’s actually based on a cartoon based on this movie, with MacLane drawing direct comparisons to the animated series. Real ghost hunters. (Is this an animated series? Buzz Lightyear of Driving Starsthat existed in our world? Ryan’s failure to address this question is appalling.) We do not know Why McClain was thrilled to notice it, but forced him to give it to Tim Allen, who supposedly provided the animated voice of Buzz and his accompanying puppets, While the version of Light year It was played by the time-changing Chris Evans (see: Avengers: Endgame) as Lorenzo’s music for Toy Story Universe. Then they talk about it Roda. It’s a wild interview.

Tragically, neither side at any point has addressed the question that is currently driving us crazy: within a fiction Light yearAre games also secretly sensitive, watching their masters drift away and die with each passing year? How does Sox the robot cat fit into this dismal synthetic cosmology? Are we real, or just a dream once dreamed by Buzz Lightyear? We need to know!

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