The decision to broadcast live TV for the Academy Awards met with a backlash from Academy members – The Hollywood Reporter

a resolution The failure to present eight categories of Academy Awards live during the March 27 broadcast of the 93rd Academy Awards was met with a storm of criticism and was called “insulted” by several Academy members who spoke to him. The Hollywood Reporter after the advertisement.

The academy plans to present Oscars In eight categories – short documentary, film editing, makeup/hairstyling, original recording, production design, short animation, short live action and sound – inside the Dolby Theater an hour before the live broadcast begins. It will be recorded and edited in the subsequent live broadcast.

Candidates in the affected categories were informed of the approach to the presentation via a town hall-style meeting on Tuesday afternoon, shortly before the official announcement from the academy, according to a source. The source said that despite the decision to change the show, the members were informed that the three-hour show is still scheduled.

According to the source, it was not clear if all the guests would be seated in the theater or would remain on the red carpet for this previous show.

“It’s a fiasco,” said one Academy member affected by the decision. “It is yet another example of the academy’s curvature of Grid. There are a lot of very unhappy people.”

Another added, “I was humiliated and insulted by the Academy’s decision to demote eight categories to one of the lowest rank in the awards this year. … This is ridiculous and the leadership should be ashamed.”

In 2019, the Academy announced plans to offer four classes during commercial breaks followed by re-recorded later in the show, but reverse resolution amid criticism. By Tuesday evening, some Academy members had begun reaching out to directors, producers, and studio executives to ask for help in reversing this latest plan.

Several associations additionally issued statements. The Board of American Film Editors said: “We are deeply disappointed by the Academy’s decision to change the way certain categories, including film editing, are presented in the Academy Awards broadcast. It sends the message that some creative disciplines are more vibrant than others. Nothing could be further from the truth and everyone who makes films knows it. As a group of artists entirely dedicated to developing the art and prestige of film editing, we strongly believe that editing – and all other creative disciplines that are part of the collaborative art of filmmaking – should be treated equally. Our contributions to this collaboration can sometimes seem invisible but it is undeniable. We hope that film editors and other artists affected by this change will be honored and celebrated with the passion, dignity and inclusion they deserve.”

Mark A. agreed. Lanza, Chief Sound Editor at Motion Pictures, states: “The Academy’s mission is to honor the craft of filmmaking in all its parts. Excluding certain categories from live broadcasts weakens that mission.” He also noted, “The bill for merchandise, the audio branch was sold out” when there was a change in the Best Sound single category, starting with the 2021 Academy Awards.” The Academy made an explicit pledge not to Remove audio from live broadcasts if they agree to the farce of combining audio editing and audio mixing in one category.” (The decision to combine these categories was met with mixed reactions from the branch at the time).

Of the Oscars decision, Motion Picture Editors Guild President (IATSE Local 700), Alan Heim said, “We understand the Academy’s desire to make a more attractive presentation, but this move makes the ‘invisible art’ of editing less conspicuous. It should be an award ceremony The Academy Awards is a night to celebrate all the work and art that come together to bring stories to life on screen, and we believe deserving craftsmen have earned their time in the spotlight even more.”

The International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) also released a statement that said in part: “We are very proud of our members whose work will be honored during this year’s Academy Awards. However, we are disappointed by the Academy’s decision to exclude several exceptional artists in other branches. From the live broadcast itself. Cinematographers and all filmmakers understand the cooperation required to produce unqualified images.”

But not everyone reacted the same way. Nelson Coates, president of the Art Directors Guild (IATSE Local 800), said in a statement provided to THR.

Cinema Audio President Carol Urban said: “The Cinema Audio Society is looking forward to celebrating this year’s Oscar nominees, regardless of how and when the Academy Awards will be made available. We are promising the work of all our fellow directors, without whom there would be no categories. For broadcast or celebration at all. This year’s Academy Awards nominees are amazing and we will continue to appreciate the franchise of audio professionals who make the magic of Oscar-nominated films.”

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