The cover of Kirby’s song just won a Grammy

Kirby is officially a Grammy winner Well, at least in spirit. Help the pink spherical creature earn Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman a Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrument or Acapella for taking on Meta Knight revenge From the 1996 classic Kirby Superstar. The cover was originally performed by the aptly named 8-Bit Big Band, an orchestra of 30 to 65 members that specializes in putting their own music on video games.

In the past, it was 8 bit big band was a performance zelda lullaby From Ocarina of Time, Quartet From groundAnd the big blue From F-zero, and much more. You can listen to the group’s reimagined performance Meta Knight revenge In the embed above – it’s a real jazz game on original trackAnd, dare I say, it looks better than Nintendo remake included in Super Smash Bros..

Video game music isn’t nominated for a Grammy very often, but this win is especially timely given the The latest version of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In 2011, the song papa yto From Civilization IV He won a Grammy After it was re-released in a separate album. a trip Nominated for Best Original Score For visual media in 2012, but it ended up lose to The girl with the dragon tattoo.

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