The Coolest Mini Series to Watch This Evening

The main problem with TV series is that if it’s love at first sight, it’s for the long haul. What a blessing that not all of them are designed for a thousand seasons, and many can even be watched in a couple of days, which is great for TonyBet fans who enjoy high speeds. For those who are not ready to commit to a long-term relationship with some “Game of Thrones”, we have chosen mini series that won’t bore you. Because not enough is not bad.

Firefly Lane

Tully and Kate are inseparable friends. In high school they’d have wild nights out, bail each other out on bad dates and sneak out of classes. As they grow up, they face the real tests: lies for good, secret romances, distrust, intrigue and the vicissitudes of office work. How strong will their friendship prove?

Olive Kitteridge

Olive Kitteridge, a math teacher in small-town Crosby, is at the heart of the story. Olive Kitteridge, the math teacher in small-town Crosby, is a stern, hard-hearted woman who never lets herself or anyone else get away with anything (to the detriment of her husband and son). At first glance, the series may seem like a trite story about an old bitch, but it is not. The series shows life – unique, real, not made up, and that makes it doubly interesting.


The main character is an English teacher who gets to travel through time. So he leaves his familiar life and travels to the distant year of 1958 to try and prevent the assassination of President Kennedy in the long run.

Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce had everything in her life: a handsome husband, a beloved daughter, and a comfortable home. But over time, ordinary family life turned into a living hell: her husband turned into a tyrant who wouldn’t leave her alone and constantly beat her. In utter despair and hopelessness she decides to leave him to save herself.

And Then There Were None

Eight strangers find themselves invited by the Owen couple to a magnificent castle on an island. However, the owners of the estate never come to the island. And, as it turns out, none of the guests are personally acquainted with the owners of the estate. In the midst of the first day’s dinner, a gramophone recording is played in which everyone in the house is accused of various murders and sentenced to death. After the first day’s dinner, one of the guests dies from potassium cyanide.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The sequel to the highly rated Avengers finale. After the death of Thanos, order has not yet been restored. The planet is threatened by a terrorist group with alien weapons at their disposal. Two superheroes set off on a journey around the world to find and destroy the leaders of the mysterious organization.

Ginny & Georgia

A modern series about love, manners, and relationships. The active and outgoing Georgia Miller moves to New England with her children. Here the family encounters a strict puritanical morality. They have to be very careful – a step away from public opinion becomes the cause of rumor, gossip and condemnation.

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