The coach claims that “at least” five teams have contacted Colin Kaepernick

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Once it became clear that the current supply of potential key players might not meet the demand, Colin Kaepernick became even more straightforward than he was, as it has to do with his desire to play football. Now, the coach who worked with Kaepernick claims that NFL teams are reacting.

“Some teams have reached out to me and asked what his arm looks like,” personal trainer David Robinson told “they have Contact and ask about it. “

Robinson said that “at least” five teams have contacted him.

Kapernick, who last played in the NFL on January 1, 2017, has been practicing at various venues for the past few weeks. Joined by Seahawks receiver in at least one workout Tyler Lockett.

“[Kaepernick] “He definitely has the potential to play on someone’s list,” Robinson told “Like, a couple of guys who were in the session that were on the NFL teams were saying his arm is as strong as the guys we got on our roster now and we can play.”

Any team can bring in a Kaepernick for a workout at any time. In five years, no one has. Closest came the Seahawks, hosting Kaepernick for a visit in the summer of 2017.

The current problem may be that the league is informed about every exercise, and thus to the public. No team wants immediate reaction from a vociferous minority of the fan base just to court Kaepernick.

So while five, 10, 15 or 32 teams can inquire about Kaepernick, it doesn’t matter which one until someone actually signs him. There is still no reason to believe that anyone would do that. As we explained earlier, the fact that NFL teams successfully avoided Kaepernick for five years Makes it easy to ignore now.

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