The children asked the Butterbear team, “Is Nong Butter a bear or a person?” and netizens were impressed with the answer.

Butterbear team encountered a little boy and asked him, “Is Nong Noi a bear or a person?” Netizens were amazed by the answer. I didn't think I would answer this way.

It is called a new phenomenon in Thailand. As for the popularity of Nong Noey or Butter Bear, the mascot of the Butterbear dessert shop is located on the ground floor of Emsphere Department Store. It is a brand in the Coffee Beans Group of Dao which has created the phenomenon of department stores just like famous star artists. So far, Nong Noey is no longer just a mascot of the dessert shop. But she is a female idol with her own music. Music video has garnered over 1 million views Connecting various programs Collaborating with many famous artists

One of the most common questions among people is who is the mascot Butter Bear? This is probably the question that many people want to know. And it is a taboo question among Nong Noey fans as well. Because whoever asks will get the answer: “You really are a bear. A bear inside.” Everyone is willing to live in a fantasy world. Without asking who Noey Bear really is, let it be an angel's secret, because even Surayuth Sutasanashinda said in the program that “Nong Noey Bear.”



But the team recently opened a live chat or Q&A discussion in the Butterbear open chat, which has tens of thousands of members. It turns out that a young boy asked, “Is Nong Noi a bear or a person?” This question made many of the officials silent for a while. Which many people think the same way if you answer that you are a human it seems to destroy children's dreams and imagination. But if you say it is a bear, you lied. Because every adult knows what the truth is. But there was one supervisor who answered in a nice voice. The meaning is close to that Nong Noey can be anything. It's whatever I want it to be. Many people praised the moderator's answer. He uses both mind and heart to answer the questions. It is an open-ended answer. Think and understand the feelings of the young child. Including keeping the hearts of the listeners

While the page Drama addict He gave his opinion that it was a beautiful answer. And once he grows up, he will know that it is he who wears the mascot costume.

Latest Instagram Butterbear_fans He posted about this issue saying: Someone asked on the opening night of Live Talk in the open chat.

From a little boy asking: “Is Nong Noi a bear or a person?” What was the little boy's answer?

We don't remember very clearly because we answered unexpectedly. So I pulled it from memory in case any of Noe's brothers wanted to read it.

No matter what we give to Nong Noey. Nong Noey is still Nong Noey, a source of happiness, a smile, a source of laughter. No matter how harsh the outside world is on us, Nong Noey still creates a little happiness and always comforts us.

Nong Noey is Nong Noey and will always be.

Moderator Nong Noey – Butterbear_Fans

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