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The Cannes Film Festival begins with the intervention of Zhelensky

The stunning appearance of the President of Ukraine on the screen of the Palais DesFestivals, tired and, following a long applause from the groin of world cinema, gathered for the opening ceremony of a festival and promised that war would take place. Be “in everyone’s mind”.

“We will continue to fight and we have no choice but to defeat the (…) ‘dictator’,” Volodymyr Zhelensky continued about the picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Charlie Chaplin he was quoting. Many times.

In Ukraine, “Every day hundreds of people die. They do not wake up after applause. (…) Will cinema be quiet, or will it talk about it? ? It is still launched.

Long political history

This intervention writes a new page in the long political history of the festival, which was founded in 1939 in opposition to the Venice Film Festival of fascist Italy, but its first edition, due to World War II, was held only in 1946.

Recalling the “artistic and civic path” of this world event, the “Festival” underlined before Vincent Lyndon, President of the Arbitration Council, “never ceased to welcome, protect, and unite the greatest filmmakers of their time.” “Can anything be done but to awaken the conscience, to stir up indifference, and to use cinema as a weapon of this great emotion? I can not imagine!”, He said.

In addition to the expulsion of official Russian delegations announced after the invasion, the official election this year has cast a shadow over the war. “Tchaikovsky’s wife”, written by Russian opponent Grill Cereprennikov, begins with the opening image of the competition on Wednesday. Seeing this filmmaker, who has been selected three times, will be a strong mark on the stairs for the first time.

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The festival will then feature films by Ukrainians Sergei Losnitsa or Maxim Nakonezhny, as well as “Mariupolis 2”, the last film by Lithuanian director Mandas Kvodrovicius, who was assassinated in Ukraine in early April.

There will be several Swiss films, including one by French-speaking filmmaker Lionel Bayer.

Forest Whitaker honored

Despite the context, in Cannes, “The show must continue”: Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut (“The Social Network”) and Forrest Whittaker confirmed the attractive allocation. For his life.

At age 60, he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ugandan dictator Amin Dada in “The Last King of Scotland” (2007). 1999), a regular in Croydon, where he won a descriptive prize in 1988 for Clint Eastwood’s “Bird.”

This gift “changed my life, it allowed me to be recognized as an artist and to be respected as an actor around the world. I was a child at the time. [26 ans], I do not know what to answer because I am not accustomed to interviews. The day before the awards ceremony, I was in my room in Cannes with my brother, and he said to me: ‘Imagine that you are tomorrow’. I remembered, ‘Are you serious?’


“Cut!” By Michael Hasanavicius. With the opening screening of the film, the insane parody of the zombie films and the declaration of love for all the films – even the most failed films.

Simultaneously released in theaters, the film is titled “Cut!” Should act as a shop for the cinema world trying to recover from the epidemic of. “It’s fun, it highlights cinema people, and I hope you like it,” the French director told AFP, “very happy to be back in Cannes.”

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