The Boston Celtics are among the teams involved in talks with the Brooklyn Nets over a potential Kevin Durant deal, sources said.

As a Brooklyn Nets star Kevin DurantTrade order is approaching its fourth week, and the Boston Celtics are among the teams involved in talks about a potential deal, ESPN sources report.

The Celtics seem no closer to acquiring Durant than others in discussions with the Nets, but Boston’s ability to include the All-Star striker does. Jaylyn Brown Sources said the core element of the performances helps make the team formidable in its pursuit.

Sources said the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns and Toronto Raptors are known for varying degrees of interest in Durant, but the Celtics have been in regular contact with the Nets.

Sources said there are no deals believed to be attractive to Durant, and no team has yet reached the Nets’ minimum set to trade one of the league’s most talented players. Sources said the Nets’ stance on potential trades is largely unchanged: They want a potentially massive payout that includes first-round unprotected multiple picks, pick-swaps, and influential players for Durant.

The Celtics consider every NBA striker Jason Tatum Off-limits in any trade talks, but Boston is able to build a package for Durant that could include Brown and up to three first-round unprotected picks (2025, 2027 and 2029) — and two selection swaps (2024 and 2026). Brown, 25, has two years and $56 million left on his current contract.

Durant, a 12-time All-Star player and two-time NBA Finals player, requested a deal on June 30 and did not back down from that request. At 33 years old, Durant has four years and $198 million left on his contract, which means Brooklyn can be patient with teams waiting for the kind of payout he thinks will eventually emerge for a star at the height of his fame.

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He defeated the Celtics Nets 4-0 in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoff round last season and built the heart of their current team, in part, from draft compensation from the 2013 deal that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce into the net. . Both Tatum and Brown were sourced from Brooklyn picks delivered to Boston.

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