‘The Blacklist’ synopsis: Aram’s return in the Season 10 premiere, Episode 1

We suppose Black list It has a number of surprises in store as it embarks on its tenth and final season — and Sunday’s premiere brought particularly fun surprises.

Prince Arison – who left Black list During last season’s finale, alongside Laura Sohn as Alina Park – she made a brief (but still delightful) comeback as Aram Mojtabai in the episode’s opening scene. When Aram leaves the Metropolitan Museum of Art and gets back on his bike, looking more relaxed than he has in years, he is surprised to see Red across the street, looking worst Than he’s been in years: bearded, long-haired, and oddly riding a taxi instead of his usual private car. Aram calls out to Reed’s attention, but Reed doesn’t respond… And shortly after the taxi takes off, there is a sudden explosion in a townhouse down the street.

There’s no word on if Arison will make additional appearances during season 10, but his quick character’s return was significant: it revealed that Red returned to New York City after sisters Mierce and Weecha returned to Guatemala over six months ago. Neither Dempy nor Cooper had any idea Red was back in the precinct, and it’s anyone’s guess what he’s going to do now that he’s back in town.

In fact, we didn’t see much of Red during Sunday’s premiere. At one point, a real estate agent gives him a tour of a large property in town—which he is presumably looking to use for business, not pleasure—but the building fails to meet Red’s vague needs, and they continue their search. Meanwhile, near the end of the hour, Dimby catches on to the fact that Red no longer has security with him, does not use a car service and commutes via public transportation. Reid was wary and just said nothing was going on with him — “Well, nothing and everything,” Adil.

Thus, most of the episode focused on the people trying to track down Reddington, who’d better kill him. You’ll recall that at the end of Season 9 – in May 2022 – Red’s longtime confidant Marvin Gerrard launched a plan to get revenge on Red, by turning the former Blacklisters (whom Red helped imprison) against him and exposing Red’s immunity deal with the FBI to the criminal world. . During the Season 9 finale, Marvin Gerrard presents a list of former Blacklisters to a criminal named Wujing, who reappears in Sunday Returns as the clear leader of the plan to take down Red.

In the final scene of the premiere, Wujing recruits an assassin named Alban Veseli – better known as The Freelancer – to the cause of destroying Reddington. The freelance professional first appeared as a subject for Black listthe second episode ever, and he reappears during Season 8 when Liz Kane requests his services. Now, he’s out of jail again, and Wujing wants The Freelancer on his team: “We’re not friends, Mr. Veseli,” Wujing states. “But we have a common enemy.”

Elsewhere during the hour, we were introduced to Siya Malik, the daughter of Parminder Nagra’s season 1 character, Meera Malik. Siya is now working with MI6, but after crossing paths with an FBI task force while investigating a home explosion in New York, Siya feels compelled to work closely with the task force and finish whatever her mother had started with them. For Siya, it’s no coincidence that she and Harold Cooper run into each other again after all these years; I suggested to Cooper that MI6 could loan her out to the task force for a while – just until this current case, also known as The Great Hunting of Raymond Reddington, was closed – and Cooper said he would consider it.

“I hope so,” Sia told him. “You need agents you can trust. I am one.”

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