The billionaire's second pre-wedding party, which was held on a small scale, was celebrated with the appointment of “Justin Bieber”. The actual day has not yet come.

The second pre-wedding party for the youngest son of an Indian billionaire was organized in a small private way, where Justin Bieber was hired to sing, and they waited to see the actual event, and the event budget was 4 billion dollars.

The biggest and most spectacular celebration of the year. You probably can't escape a wedding. Anant Ambani The youngest son is 28 years old. Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) India's richest billionaire…tika dealer His 29-year-old girlfriend was treated to a lavish pre-wedding party by the Ambani family for three days from March 1 to 3.

The lavish party will be held in the gardens of the Ambani family’s birthplace at the Jamnagar oil refinery in Gujarat. There will be nearly 2,500 types of food served at the event so that guests don’t eat the same food over and over again.

The one that created the most buzz was the invitation of the star singer. Rihanna Rihanna Come perform for the celebration. Total running time is 90 minutes, and the final figure is estimated to be US$10-12 million or approximately 358,400,000-430,080,000 baht.

The last one was the Ambani family. A private wedding was organized for the second round for the bride and groom's family and close friends. Which I am inviting this time. Justin Beiber Come and sing 14 songs at this event that costs around 10 million US dollars. The actual wedding date is July 12-14. There are rumors that the international artists who will be invited to perform at this event are Adele Adele The event's budget is US$113 million, or more than 4 billion baht.

Mukesh Ambani's daughter-in-law, Ratika Merchant, is the daughter of the famous business family that owns Encore Healthcare, a major Indian pharmaceutical company. She currently serves on the company's board. Ratika is a classical dancer. He was also a childhood sweetheart of Annan.

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