The best and most innovative phones of 2022

A picture of phones released in 2022

picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

When it comes to smartphones, the past couple of years have felt stagnant, no matter who you get these phones for. With all the time we’ve been confined to our homes, there has been no need for the latest and greatest as the world has slowed to a relative crawl. The upgraded specs and better camera seemed third-rate compared to everything else.

Then, as we started to fortify and get back into the grind, having a capable smartphone became important again. I even felt inspired to upgrade this year, simply because I felt like “If I’m back in the world again, I’d better have a phone that takes pictures and not need to edit them every time I want to share them.”

2022 wasn’t the year that people who previously weren’t ready for an upgrade were persuaded to move to the cool new thing, but it was a great year to upgrade if you’re already inclined to do so. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro not only splashed the waters but highlighted Apple’s direction, managing to be first on the table with regards to features such as satellite connectivity and full adoption of the eSIM protocol. And while Google’s Pixel 7 Pro still reigns supreme with its snapshot capabilities, Samsung’s foldables make every other Android phone pale in comparison.

2022 tried to be an exciting year and, for the most part, entertained us enough to look forward to what’s on the horizon. Next year’s smartphone outlook seems too tempting not to upgrade. But before thinking about the future, we should first step back and see how far we have come.

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