The Beatles Way: Great Wisdom for Everyday Living (Life is not meant to be followed by anyone) “It’s the mind… it’s got no time…”

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“I have loved and admired The Beatles for 60 years.. It is a phenomenon of the heart that will never be forgotten.. The meaning of the content of the song/melody that remains and dances.. including the part that brings together the meaning.. That feeling in my heart.. It still resonates loudly and has not Die from the life of my heart.

It may be like a mirage that interferes with the illusory mind…so it remains stuck for a long time…like the stars that decorate the sky every night…a long time has passed but it still remains…it is a bright path of Dhamma””””” “”””””””””

“The Beatles Way: Great Wisdom for Everyday Life (Life Isn’t Meant to Be Followed)” is a book that is like a life record.. A singer and musician from Liverpool who is famous in the world even today.. Or will they be?.. They will be at any time.. They are like… Pure minds… are like “immortality”… it does not have any other fixed conditions…

“Some people say.. The Beatles are about the music. But that’s just one part. They also represent hope. Optimism, intelligence, wisdom and not faking it.. which ‘anyone can do’… if they really want to do it.” “

This is a serious and honest statement about the meaning of life by Derek Taylor, the former Beatles press representative.

The band.. How to be a role model and leader of the direction.. “John/Paul/George/and Ringo/ is a group of legendary creators. In living a life full of success, rebellion, difference, elegance, creativity, individual spontaneity, inspiration, depth, idealism, and leadership. As well as cultural influences..

And to this day…the world must realize that they are…an unparalleled band…and the most important lesson they created…is…the attitude, the way of thinking, and the way of living…

Until the four of them became trendsetters in every cause they pursued, whether it was culture, society, business, or even spiritual development, to the point that people all over the world called it “The Beatles Way.” )).

This book talks about the seven basic principles that made The Beatles’ entire life successful. It begins with “The Dream”…

It is said that…to be successful is even just a fraction of the Beatles’ first and most important thing…so simple that it seems unbelievable is the ‘dream’.

For John Lennon and his friend Paul McCartney, big dreams were the only way to get them out of Liverpool. A hometown that is often wet with rain. “If someone had asked me when I was 15 why I wrote songs, I would have said it was because of the money,” Paul says.

But not long after, I suddenly realized that this is not the real driving force… because once you have the money you want to move on… there must be something else. I think. ..this is..the freedom to pursue your dreams.

John Lennon once spoke of Elvis’s influence. Presley made the Beatles want to succeed the way they did…that was the thing that motivated them. Let them achieve their dreams. Someone once asked John: What did he want to be when he was a child?

He immediately replied, “I want to be bigger than Elvis.” It may seem a bit delusional, but for the “gang leader boy,” who was famous for skipping school and getting into fights regularly../

“We went out to see an Elvis movie. When we were in Liverpool everyone went to see him in the movie, including us. Everyone screamed when Elvis appeared on the screen.”

George Harrison has similar memories to John.

“This seems like a good job…getting money and traveling…lots of girls…nice clothes…playing rock and roll music…it’s pretty cool..”

It may seem as if…George’s dream…wasn’t very big…it was just a little boy’s dream…but when he grew up…his dream really grew. And.. stay away from the subject of.. materialism a lot.. That is why choosing a dream is like choosing the future.. “It is the mind.. there is no time in it.”

The next agenda for success… in the manner of “The Beatles” is the most important… which is setting goals… although everyone knows that this is an important factor that will make… get what you want, but there are times when it is often neglected. In light of the chaos of our daily responsibilities…

For the Beatles, it was just a matter of setting that goal on their own. It can give the band exciting motivating energy. For the entire life of the band they have been determined to stay true to their goals and reach them once and for all./The Four Beatles They are clear about the goals that are most important to them, and the first goal is clearly “money.”

As Ringo Starr, the band’s drummer, once said: “Every time you spell ‘Beatles’ with an ‘a’ in it, instead of spelling it Beetle… we’re going to get paid.”

Perhaps the quest for money began with finding a way out of the isolated city of Liverpool. It was their hometown…of course…they had vivid dreams. To be the next Elvis in the world but their immediate desire is to have enough money to buy the freedom to choose where they want to live, and get as far away from boring Liverpool as possible.

How can people become famous? You have to have a logical attitude. This is another principle that the Beatles adhere to. You have to have the idea of ​​doing something to the fullest extent. John Lennon answered a question in 1971 about the reason for their success. “Because.. I did it.. It…” He watched as it exploded violently..

Have you ever heard of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas or the Irish writer Brendan Behan? Or other people who never write anything with complete skill, but spend all their time drinking alcohol… I don’t know anything about these things. There was only Van Gogh. Who is the artist I know the most outside this world? Even London is what we once dreamed of, and London means nothing. I came here casually to rule the world.

When you are faced with extreme pressure, you can choose to respond in two ways.. You can lose your temper, get nervous, and give up.. Or you can do like the Beatles, and find the strength of the Olympic champion in… yourself to meet and pass this “test.”

Example of the situation and in their search for internal strength, there are two basic points… in dealing with severe pressures…

John Lennon said: First, when asked why people find it difficult to follow their dreams. “The problem is that they are afraid of the unknown.” But this is what we have to deal with. If we are only afraid of it, it will keep us in the dark, chasing only illusions…things we do not understand and that is exactly what we will face.

“Accept that…it’s all something we don’t know. Then everything will be so smooth that it can be seen that ‘everything is something we don’t know.’ “Then we’ll show that in the game.” Another important point in building a reputation is that it is not something you can do alone. It is an important time to move forward in the name of The Beatles. Building and maintaining a team is what takes us all the way to our dreams. “

They have developed a team. With quality…and trust…discussion takes place in selecting team leaders…as well as sharpening the competitive spirit, and this will create efficiency.

The first thing every band needs is a ‘leader’. John Lennon is the default leader. From an era when they were still inexperienced… until the end of the ‘Beatlesmania’ era in 1966… ​​which is when Paul McCartney ‘took over’.

Paul was quite frank in his praise, in 1991 saying: “Looking back,…as for John…he’s always been my favourite. We both felt that way. He’s our role model…/We always obey John…he’s bigger than us. He possesses perfect leadership qualities…and possesses the most intelligent and clever eloquence.”

And here comes.. a very important topic in the way of.. the Beatles.. that is. The game is managed by the pawns themselves.

They create and control almost every aspect of their work…from appearance, clothing, hairstyles and stage performances to the direction and quality of the music. Including their films, as well as the people involved in their success process.. They control the production of music themselves, not by outsiders. This is important to stress, because today there is a misconception that the Beatles were brainless. Which is manipulated every day by managers, producers, record companies, movie producers or even their wife as well as their friends.

“We provide an overview of all of us along with the record.” Paul explains their nature.

“We were the first rock ‘n’ roll band that didn’t pretend to invite kids… to drink milk… and that’s what shocked the American people… or on the smoking thing, ‘You can’t smoke’… We came into our place that way and I thought… we were just… “Children we do things right. Sure! Sometimes it hurts us. It causes us problems. We are honest people. As honest and honest as we think we are. This shocks a lot of Americans.”

After passing the five main rules of becoming successful and famous, you will reach a state where you are forced to dream farther, the bigger it is, how far can we dream? ..and success will get bigger too..and that’s what happened to the Beatles..for means “keep making your dreams bigger and your reality bigger than ever before.” It is.. the path of “development”

For the Beatles, whenever they get bored, it only means one thing: they’re ready for a new adventure.

Paul summed up the Beatles’ success methods succinctly: “We’re always moving forward… higher, further, longer, further, different.”

Paul talks about this with an emphasis on studio work…but this idea has been used in other areas. Staying true to their dreams.. helps the band continue to do new things. And discover the excitement including the inner insight to make it a reality.

“There’s no doubt about that musical authenticity and boldness that’s a Beatles trademark but there are so many other things for which they created a new direction…but people don’t know yet…whether it’s a concert tour.” Business Ideas, Movies and Personal Lifestyle Commitment to the Experiment “…which is outrageous at times…it always puts the band several steps ahead of the competition…and in many ways their work has helped spark new industries…to emerge.”

Finally, it is the dimension related to “..the soul”… George. Harrison…He’s expressed his thoughts on this matter…

“In a way, every life is an expression and honor for God..All we do is..trying to take it to the masses..God in my opinion..You’re not doing it.Not just for yourself, but for everyone.”

Overall, The Beatles clearly showed us how to live a successful and happy life, and how to achieve our wildest dreams without limits. Including how to do everything with inner confidence and an easy sense of humor…but there is a more important factor to it. Fab.. to have a name like theirs.. factors that, if added up, would have a profound impact on a person’s life.. Paul said it best.. he found that after experiencing success in everything is overwhelming. There is a next step… to find its meaning…

“People think I’m the Antichrist or that I’m not religious. I’m not. I’m completely religious.” 1966 AD..

“I believe in God…but not in person. Or ‘old man in the sky’…I believe that what people call God…is something that exists within all of us…I believe. And what Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and other prophets said is true.”

Paul added a few months later: “God is in the space between us, God is on the table in front of you.” This changes ordinary people. To be a role model and a pioneer… “Be yourself… Be natural and be different”.. This book is written by “Larry Lange” and translated by “Winston O. Bogie”

From today, John Lennon passed away 43 years ago (December 8). 2523)..If he were still alive, he would have lived 83 years../ I feel sorry for him. I always think of his songs and think of his sharp and valuable thoughts.

He leaves this world and “The Beatles” become like “George Harrison”… All that is left is a sign of mourning for the fans who love his songs to remember… without forgetting from their hearts… That’s all…!

“I believe in everything. Until it’s proven false.. So I believe in it. Angel.. The myth of it all.. Really exists. Even if it’s only in your mind.. Who can tell? Good dreams and bad dreams aren’t as real as what happens.” Here now?..actually there is still a lot of space left..for imagination…”

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