The baht opened this morning and strengthened to 35.89 baht. Watch for US CPI numbers tomorrow.

Money Market and International Transactions Business Department TMB Thanasard (ttb) The baht opened this morning at 35.89 baht/dollar, up from Friday's close of 35.92 baht/dollar.

Meanwhile, the US dollar weakened against major currencies. After the US cut the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for December to +0.2% from a previously reported +0.3%, this indicated a slowdown in inflation. and will be the supporting factorFederal Reserve (Fed) Interest rate reduction

The latest FedWatch tool from “CME Group” indicates that investors are giving 54.8% weight to the Fed to cut interest rates by 0.25% to 5.00-5.25% at the May meeting, after giving it a 50.3% weight on Thursday. (8 February 2024)

Investors will be watching the US CPI index for January, which will be released on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, including reports from Fed officials. To find signals indicating the direction of US interest rates

However, last Friday, foreign investors sold Thai bonds for 2,892.42 million baht and Thai stocks for 858.82 million baht, giving today's currency price range and strategy USD/THB 35.80 – 36.10, suggesting a gradual buy at 35.80. and 36.00, EUR/THB 38.50 – 39.00 Recommended Buy 38.50 and Sell 39.00, JPY/THB 0.2380 – 0.2420 Recommended Buy 0.2380 and 0.240THB, 45PU/50B, 3.10 – 23.50

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