The '2025 Budget Committee Spokesperson' disagrees with the committee position that this is not a problem, 'moving forward'.

The Budget Committee appoints “Pichai” as the Chairman of the Committee and sets up a framework to discuss details for 41 hours a week “Committee Spokesman” MPs have no problem and do not accept positions.

A committee meeting was held in Parliament. (Committee) The extraordinary consideration of the draft budget law for fiscal year 2025 was the first meeting, with all 72 committee members attending the meeting unanimously to elect the chairman. Including setting the framework for consideration of the draft budget law for the year 2025 by the Vice President and others.

After the meeting, Mr.Iam Sa-at Memorial Pew Thai Party List MP, spokesperson of the committee, announced the results of the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mr. It was decided to appoint Pichai Sunvajira. sits as the president and has 18 vice-presidents of the board.

Mr. Chakrapong Changmani, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, 1st Vice President, Mr. Sulaban Amornwiwat, Deputy Minister of Finance, 2nd Vice President, Mr. Sada Taiseth, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, 3rd Vice President.

Mr. Waradep Rattanakorn, 4th Vice President, Mrs. Monborn Sharonsree, 5th Vice President, Mr. Phongsakorn Anophon, 6th Vice President, Mrs. Pitsarath Lahaponjana, 7th Vice President, Sangla. 8th Vice President, Mr. Bhai Lick, 9th Vice President, Mr. Pathana Sappho, 10th Vice President.

11th Vice President Mr. Paradorn Prisananananthakul, 12th Vice President Mr. Sorawut Nueangchamnong, 13th Vice President Mr. Sukarno Mata, 14th Vice President Mr. Anurag Jurimat, 14th Vice President Mr. Varuj Siriwat, Mr. 16th Vice President, Mr. Wuthipong Nambur, 17th Vice President, Mrs. Nandana Chongpracha, 18th Vice President.

As regards the Secretaries of the Committee, the 1st Secretary Mr. Pitsanu Hattasongro, 2nd Secretary Mr. Surakiyat Thianthong, 3rd Secretary Mr. Asabon Santraypope, 4th Secretary Mr. There are 8 people including Bachara Chandaruangthong. Mr. Viriya Thongpa, 5th Secretary, Ms. Gulwali Nabomrabodi, 6th Secretary, Mr. Worawong Worabanya, 7th Secretary, Ms Thanyadari Shantaphan Secretary no. 8

7 As for the spokespersons of the committee, they are Mr. Anusorn Iamsa-at, Mr. Fonlapee Tswansavi, Mrs. Bhagamat Saronban, Mr. Amin Musso, Mr. Vichai Sudsawat, Mr. Romdham Kamnurak, Mr. Whatsaraphone Kav
As for the advisors, Mr. Sakkavan Saivirathanukul, Mr. Thanet Krurat, Mrs. Shrivan Prideprasith, Commissioners and Advisors and 3 members as Board members.

Regarding the meeting schedule of the committee, the spokesperson added that the committee meets 41 hours a week, excluding Saturday – Sunday and public holidays: Monday 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (7 hours), Tuesday 9 a.m.: 00 hrs – 9:00 hrs Thursday Hours 09.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs Friday hrs 09.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs.

The consideration period for the 2024 fiscal year budget is 105 days, beginning on the day of the House of Representatives. The draft budget law will be received on June 11, 2024 and will be published on September 23, 2024. The order will be considered according to the overall economic situation of the country.

However, the chairman of the commission stressed that every member of the committee should perform their duties so that the government can continue to use the budget for government administration. In today's meeting only operational structure and various committee positions are being considered as the digital wallet project is yet to be considered.

Mr. Anusorn said that it is the right of every political party not to accept the post of Kao branch of the party when asked by reporters about the position of vice-chairman of the committee. Who wants to take the position or not? But acceptance of a position or non-acceptance of a position does not affect the work of the committee. Because as a team member, he can already perform his duties.

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