Thaksin's Section 112 case defames 3 MPs for performing their duties honestly.

12 June 2024 – Mr. Thepthai Senbong, former Nakhon Si Thammarat MP. A Facebook post titled “Thaksin: Fighting for his life in hopes of escaping Section 112's trap. Thanks to 3 volunteers who acted with integrity.” I have called the Attorney General's office. Under pressure, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra came out to clarify the allegations regarding the Chief Justice's order to file a Section 112 case. The order to prosecute came from the cause of the former Attorney General. So Mr. He did not dare to change the order to prosecute Thaksin. And the investigating officer has alleged coercion and intimidation till the order to investigate the said Section 112 case is passed.

But when the Attorney General's office does not come to explain Mr. Thaksin's allegations, it is better to have former Attorney General Mr. Trakul Vinijanaipak. I would like to respectfully confirm that a man who at that time was a DSO as an investigator in charge of criminal cases outside the kingdom under section 20 of the Criminal Procedure Code posted on Facebook. or coerced him to perform his duties unlawfully in the trial.”

This was seen as a strong response to Thaksin's allegations. So, I want to know what tactics Mr. Thaksin is using to incriminate the Attorney General's office. Mr. Thaksin's coming out to expose the movement's reluctance to bring in people to try his Section 112 case may be aimed at paving the way for lawyers. File a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office to seek justice. Hopefully the Attorney General will reverse the prosecution order. And extending the case will give conservatives time to negotiate, lobby, and negotiate new deals.

Mr. Thaksin's move can be seen as a comfort and threat to conservative groups in a radical struggle mode to escape the Article 112 case they are currently struggling with. This game Mr. The fight between Thaksin and the authoritarian group. Each side had a sword. The game now is for Mr. Thaksin's government to be in full control. The Pheu Thai Party is leading to form the government, Mr. Setha is the Prime Minister of Tavisin. That side is superior. Meanwhile, the Conservative group is only a coalition party. Therefore, Article 112 can be used to push back Mr. Thaksin.

I saw this as if the Attorney General reversed the order not to prosecute Mr. Thaksin for whatever reason the Attorney General would become the defendant of the community. And explaining why society is so difficult to understand. Because the entire process has legitimacy from the level of the investigating officer. And the former Attorney General has come out to confirm its correctness and integrity and the current Attorney General is otherwise very difficult to change your opinion.

Thanks to the three Attorney Generals namely Mr. Drakul Winijanaibak, Police Lt. Col. Phongniwat. Armed Services Mr. Mr. Amnat Chetsaroenrak In Thaksin's Section 112 case, justice should be done by those who have done their duty honestly

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