Thai stock index closes 11.65 points lower Daily News

Thai stock sentiment on February 28, 2024 moved into negative territory throughout the day. From selling pressure on electronic stocks after investors were disappointed with the balance sheet Hana stocks including power plant stocks This is another group that fell sharply on government concerns. A new round of FFT reduction resulted at 5:02 p.m., with the stock index closing at 1,382.05 points, down 11.65 points, or 0.84%, with a trading value of 55,250.06 million baht, while the MAI market closed at 426.98 points, down 0.33 points. Or 0.08% with a trading value of 2,250.43 million baht

The trend of the Thai stock market index this week has fluctuated and investors are also following the earnings announcements of listed companies, said Ms Willasini Pumasong Song, senior director of research at Globeplex Securities. The deadline for submitting financial statements for 2023 ends on February 29, with the United States observing. This week's PCE report gives the index a range of 1,380 to 1,420 points. There are also negative factors that continue to weigh on investment confidence, such as the US imposing sanctions on targets linked to Russia.

Top 5 Traded Securities

1.HANA stock closed at 36.00 baht, down -5.50 baht.

2. Thai oil closed at 57.00 baht, an increase of 2.00 baht.

3.Delta stock closed at 69.00 baht, down -4.75 baht.

4.SCB shares closed at 113.50 baht, unchanged.

5.PTT stock closed at 35.50 baht, down -0.25 baht.

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