Thai artist “TPOP TIME” plants flag in “Singapore and Hong Kong” moving forward, Thai soft power

The time when “Thai Artists” plant their flag in the Thai Music Festival “Singapore-Hong Kong” is moving forward, and the strong Thai soft power

Nowadays, the trend of Thai music or T-POP is another interesting and gradually growing soft force, evidenced by the fact that many Thai artists and bands are becoming international, holding concerts, fan meetings and having foreign fan clubs. Who can sing Thai songs understand the content of Thai songs and become an export of the language culture

So that we can build a huge T-POP fan base in every country and go ahead to organize many Thai music festivals or Thai music festival, the latest of which is two big events in Thai music industry for “Okie Dokie Thai Pop Live in Hong Kong”, which is a music festival Thai will be in Hong Kong for the first time: From December 16 to 17, more than 17 exciting Thai pop artists will be there for fans in Hong Kong to experience the atmosphere of Thai music.

And another event with ‘555 THAI MUSIC FESTIVAL’, a Thai music festival that will be held in Singapore on January 3, 2024, featuring Thai artists with full shows for Singapore fans to experience the music atmosphere in Thailand from the beginning of 2024, including other soft power including food Drinks and more Thai culture.

Plus Thai food, attractions, movies, fashion and Thai culture. It can be seen that Thai music and Thai artists is another thing that is gaining popularity from fans all over the world and is considered part of the phenomenon of the Thai music industry and another strong soft power for Thailand. Which is ready to expand, upgrade and export all over the world

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