Tesla’s patent application for alloy steel aims to make the E-Truck “nearly indestructible”

The Tesla Cybertruck is still really under development. Although news about the thing, especially its release date, is scarce, there is sporadic news about it, such as seeing a prototype with mirrors and a huge central wiper in 2021. The latest: Tesla has filed a patent application for a steel alloy that will wrap the exterior of the E-Truck.

according to electric, Steel is supposed to outperform other typical car alloys. In filing its patents, Tesla outlines fairly detailed specifications on a scale of Vicker hardness, wear resistance, ductility, and tensile strength. For nerds, it will range from 420 HV to 500 HV on hardness, abrasion resistance from 520 mV to 600 mV, bendability of 60 degrees with a thickness of 1.8 mm, and yield strength of 1100 MPa.

Tesla has listed a few other common alloys of steel in the file, including 304L, 316L, and 301. Apparently, none of these could meet the specifications Tesla wanted for the Cybertruck, which will use a unique body structure. With a wrap-around outer shell for added durability. This exoskeleton may be made of the proprietary alloy described in the patent.

The automaker doesn’t explicitly say it will use the alloy found in the Cybertruck in the patent, but does indicate that it could be used in a vehicle with an exoskeleton. The main focus of this alloy also appears to be corrosion resistance, as the patent states that “in some embodiments, the corrosion resistance of monolithic sheet metal allows the use of the exterior painting of a vehicle without the use of an anti-corrosion coating or corrosion protection agent (such as paint).

Reading between the lines, “30X” isn’t supposed to mean 30 times more, but rather sounds like a designation used for 300-series stainless steel that can only be hardened by cold rolling methods. Thus, this is likely to be a blend or variant of 300 Series stainless steel, which is not uncommon in the industry.

Whether or not it will be used on a Cybertruck is not yet clear. The next Tesla investor day is now approaching, and details will surely be revealed at that time.

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