Tesla Model X owner calls SUV into a plane… A True Edge Case

There is a viral video of a Tesla Model X on Summon crashing into a $3.5 million plane. It’s unclear how/why someone could do something like this, or allow such a collision to happen, but nevertheless, this is an exceptional case for Tesla which could help the company’s AI learn and prevent such accidents in the future.

Not every day a driver passes by a plane. the edge She reported that it happened at a Cirrus-sponsored event at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington. The video was originally shared on r/flight subreddit, and it looks like it was captured by security cameras.

one thing Teslarati I notice that I don’t see other articles stating that it’s not known exactly when the car was built, nor is there a real explanation as to why it didn’t stop before it got on the plane. Also, as many members of the Tesla community have noted, it appears that the part of the plane that the Model X hit was not on the road but in the air and barely low enough to be pushed by the Model X. It means the Model X should have been pushed, but it Definitely a real edge case.

I find it really strange that the car owner did not notice that the plane was in the path of the Model X, or that the car was too close to the plane. However, WholeMarsCatalog notes that at least this will make Tesla’s software “more robust in the face of crazy future situations.”

the edge He went on to mention two unfavorable reports about Tesla, FSD, and Smart Summon, but I didn’t see any references to stories of how this technology helped make lives easier and even saved some as well. Teslarati He referred to the experience of Kevin Rock, who extensively tested the Tesla recall feature in various ways. The video below shows Kevin’s test with the shopping cart. The car coped well with the test.

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Let’s not forget, while I was waiting for an Uber a year ago, I saw intelligent summoning During a sudden summer storm. I haven’t been able to speak with the Tesla owner, but I have taken some videos and you can watch the car navigate smoothly in rainy weather and the other cars while I call its owner. (Note: I was stranded and Uber was telling me there were no cars available. However, I eventually managed to get one and had to wait a while, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take this video.)

Don’t let this viral video of a Tesla hitting a jetliner fool you into thinking that all Tesla cars are hitting planes right now. It’s a really strange case, and I agree with Whole Mars that it will make the technology even better.




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