‘Terrorist’ attack: Norway pays tribute to victims of Oslo shooting


It is noteworthy that on Sunday, a ceremony brought together Prime Minister Jonas Kar Store and Crown Princess Mete-Marit, following an attack in which 2 people were killed and 21 wounded in the early hours of Saturday.

“The shooting put an end to the Pride march scheduled for Saturday, Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store noted, but it did not end efforts against fighting and discrimination, discrimination and hatred.”


A tragedy that shocked the nation celebrating the LGBT Pride March, Norway celebrated Sunday with love for all, paying tribute to the victims of a shooting near a gay hostel in central Oslo.

“Fragmentation can’t kill love”

Emotional mourning was observed in Oslo Cathedral the next day as the investigation continued to find the exact motives of the suspect, who is described as a weak-minded Islamist. Two were killed and at least 21 were injured in what became known as the Cold War. During the ceremony, the altar of the religious building was decorated with rainbow colored flags and a variety of flowers. The head of the Norwegian Protestant Church, Olav Fixe, tweeted, “Fragmentation cannot kill love.”

As Norway marks the fiftieth anniversary of the lifting of the ban on homosexuality, the pastor recalled that the Church has long opposed equal rights for same-sex couples. “We sometimes reluctantly learn that the diversity between us is a gift, a richness, and that the rest of us who are homosexuals are capable of cultivating a love that is incompetent,” he said. Among the spectators who featured Crown Princess Mete-Marit – her husband, Prince Hagon, the Cowid plague – were some who wore or wore rainbow colors.


Shooting outside a pub

The “shooting (…) Pride march” planned for Saturday afternoon in Oslo was canceled but canceled on the recommendation of the police, Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store noted with a serious face. “But it did not end the fight against discrimination, prejudice and hatred,” he said.

The shooting took place outside a pub at around 1am on Saturday (same time in Switzerland) and then sowed panic among the owls for several nights while the nearby gay club, London Pub, was full of parties affiliated with Pride. Swing. Two men, aged 50 and 60, were killed and 21 were injured, with ten seriously injured.

Intelligence knows who fired the shots


The 42-year-old Norwegian, who is of Iranian descent, has been identified by the Norwegian media as Janier Mathapur, according to Oslo police. His radicalization and his membership on the radar of domestic intelligence services since 2015 Extremist Islamic Network, A man convicted of relatively minor crimes, may also have impaired mental health. Police have ordered him to remain under surveillance to help shed light on his criminal record.

Attack provoked by Islamic extremism? Is homosexuality a heinous crime against society? Unbalanced gesture? Investigators say they did not close any doors, especially since the suspect has so far refused to listen. “It could be a combination,” Oslo police chief Borge Enochsen told a news conference Sunday. “Decision making is very fast now.” The suspect, who appears to have acted alone, has been targeted on charges of “terrorist act”, murder and attempted murder at this point.


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