TERA organizes a roadshow to highlight the technology sector, waiting for the start of Q2/67, sell May's IPO, and raise funds to expand the business in a big way: InfoQuest

Mr. Somsak Sirishinarumit CEO of Asset Pro Management Company Limited (APM) as Financial Advisor. Terabyte Plus Public Limited (TERA) is preparing to take TERA on an information roadshow (roadshow) to investors in 5 major provinces: Chonburi Province, Khon Kaen Province, Chiang Mai Province, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province and conclude the roadshow. In Bangkok during the period from March 4 to 8 after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) office authorized the company's initial offering of additional common shares to the public (IPO) was completed.

“Through this roadshow, TERA is ready to provide business information and growth potential in every dimension. Including emphasizing the strengths so that investors know and understand the nature of the company’s business operations. This increases investors’ confidence ahead of the listing on the MAI Stock Exchange, which is expected to be In the second quarter of 2024. Mr. Somsak said.

TERA currently has a registered capital of 120 million baht, of which 75 million baht has been paid up (pre-IPO). The company will offer an additional 90 million common shares to the public for the first time (IPO), at nominal value per share. 0.50 baht, equivalent to 37.50% of the total number of issued ordinary shares of the company. After offering additional common shares this time

The company aims to use the funds raised from the IPO to invest in the cloud system to increase the volume of T.Cloud services for customers who want to use the Local Cloud to store electronic data. Investing in related businesses that have potential to support company growth and as working capital within the business.

TERA Group operates as a cloud service provider. Distribution and provision of large-scale, fully integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure systems. Providing application services in the field of logistics services, including investment in other businesses. Which provides software services for various business applications. The business group is divided into 4 business groups:

1. Business group of information storage and information processing service on the Internet and services in the form of continuous membership (cloud and recurring services)

2. The business group distributes solutions and provides services related to ICT infrastructure systems and cybersecurity systems (internal hardware and cybersecurity).

3. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics management software business group (Transportation Management System: TMS) under the “Skyfrog” brand

4. Data Analytics Business Group

For the operating results for the past three years (2020-2022) and the past nine months of 2023, the group achieved sales and service revenues of 315.73 million baht, 390.55 million baht, 555.29 million baht, and 462.86 million baht, respectively, with a net The profit is 9.74 million baht, 18.71 million baht, 25.79 million baht, and 27.47 million baht, respectively, so it should be a highlight of interest to investors. It received a good response

The company has a dividend policy of no less than 50 percent of net profits (company financial statements) after deducting various reserves. All types as required by law and as specified in regulations

Mr. Surasit Kuprasobsak, CEO of TERA, said that the roadshow will provide investors with information to help them understand the nature of business operations. She is confident that it will receive a good response from investors. Because in addition to the business continuing to grow and in the future, there are still plans to expand the business further. The goal is to develop and expand the business to grow sustainably in the future. More importantly, it delivers good long-term returns for shareholders.

“Listing on the My Market is an important step in continuing to grow our business. It helps increase confidence for customers and partners. As well as creating new business opportunities in order to grow steadily and generate good returns for investors, TERA is one of the IT solutions providers that offers high-quality IT solutions.” In the mega trend business is providing services with a professional team that is expert in solutions and has a strong business background and operating results continue to grow every year.said Mr. Surset.

Written by InfoQuest News Agency (01 March 2024)

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